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New Plex Server build

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I am having lots of problems with my current Plex Server and I am thinking about change it for a newer one and see if I can get a more stable system and a more energy efficent machine.


The current configuration is as follow:


Lian Li PC-D8000

Supermicro X9SCL-II/X9SCM-II

Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1230 V2 @ 3.30GHz

Corsair HX Series HX1000 

16 GiB DDR3 Single-bit ECC

OEM LSI 9300-8I PCI-Express 3.0 SATA / SAS 8-Port SAS3 12Gb/s HBA Single

Samsung SSD 1TB

10 WD 4tb

4 WD 6tb

2 WD 8tb


I would like to keep the box and of course the disks but other than that I am fully open to advices.


The server is mainly used for Plex (2 streams max at the same time) and storage, but I will not mind to run also VMs.


All suggestions you can give me are more than welcome





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What streams? 4K, HD, SD?


Plex requirements:



Your CPU:



Your current CPU is good for 2 HD streams that need to be transcoded. Direct play on the other hand does not need remarkable CPU power. Plex itself says 2,000 Passmark for 10Mbit/s HD transcoding. Not one single HD stream is as low as 10Mbit/s here. The range is between 15 and 35 Mbit/s for untouched HD streams here.


If 4K ist on your list it becomes even heavier. Plex calls 12,000 to 17,000 Passmark for 40 - 50Mbit/s. Untouched 4K in reality is 45 - 65 Mbit/s with some even using higher values than that.


So, all depends on your requirements: 4K, HD, SD? Untouched, Reencoded? Bandwidth? Transcoding necessary or Direct Play? Calculate your needed Passmark and start your search then.


I bought used parts from eBay for example. An old X9Dri-F Supermicro board with 2x 2680 v2 CPUs. Give it a lot of used RAM and put transcoding directory on /tmp. These parts are cheap and good for 35,000 Passmark in total. Good for 2x 4K transcoding. If you stream local and Direct Play the old CPU would be enough.


Ah, and don't forget to check your Plex clients. For example a cheap Fire-TV 4K does Direct Play most of your content.


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Hi hawihoney,


thanks for the answer... The plan is to start playing 4k contents soon even if the streams are max 2 at the time.

Regarding the Plex client is basically a couple of iPads and 2 4k Samsung with Plex for Samsung on it. Transcoding is already based on /tmp

What I am looking for now is a solid system (I have enough of problems and errors with my actual server).

Any advice like gold for me...

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