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No hardware acceleration possible with my cpu?

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I have a very low cost motherboard with a BGA J1900. 


HCIPC M42S-7 HCM19NVR3 this is the model.

According to intel's website:



The J1900 is capable of quick sync. 


Still, looking at /dev/dri there's nothing. 

Actually there's no dri folder. 


What does it mean? My hardware isn't capable of hardware acceleration? 


EDIT: after doing a modprobe i915 I can see my device in /dev/dri. 

did chmod -r 777 /dev/dri.


Went into emby settings added device: /dev/dri as name and as a device. 


But nothing hows up in transcoding options. 

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It should work but because it's based on Ivy Bridge you won't get nearly as high quality as you would get with a newer generation of Quick Sync.


I've had an Ivy Bridge chip work with Plex and I believe Emby. I can't remember if I had Emby running before or after I upgraded to an i5 8400. If I recall correctly the way I got hardware transcoding to work with Emby I had to choose the "VAAPI" option.

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