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[SOLVED] How to fix these errors? Also mover won't start

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I'm getting these errors spammed in the log recently:


May 1 12:41:14 Tower kernel: ACPI Error: SMBus/IPMI/GenericSerialBus write requires Buffer of length 66, found length 32 (20180531/exfield-393)
May 1 12:41:14 Tower kernel: ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_SB.PMI0._PMM, AE_AML_BUFFER_LIMIT (20180531/psparse-516)
May 1 12:41:14 Tower kernel: ACPI Error: AE_AML_BUFFER_LIMIT, Evaluating _PMM (20180531/power_meter-338)

Also for some reason the mover won't move my files from the cache drive to the array. I have the mover set to run hourly but it's refusing to work. Pressing "start mover" will make the button go grey for about 2 minutes before it becomes clickable again.

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I also forgot to mention after doing an update I'm still getting some weird issue where unraid is saying that my system USB is marked public, when it actually isn't.





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Your screenshot of SMB security settings doesn't show us how the flash is configured, please click on the word "Flash" in your first screenshot and post the SMB security settings from the flash share. Your second screenshot shows the system share, not the flash share.


To troubleshoot the mover issue, please enable mover logging, click the move now button, then download the diagnostics zip file and attach it to your next post.

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Thanks a lot. I clicked flash and sure enough it was set to Export and Public for some reason. I changed them.


Also I got the Mover to work by shutting down qBittorrent. I guess it was just doing something in the background even though CPU usage was at only 1% and the process didn't seem to be doing anything.


Thanks for the help!

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