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  1. Have you actually tried doing this? Commenting out this line makes the container fail to load for me. It's rebinding the port correctly, but as I said before it takes anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes to do so after running which makes the container and portforwarding look broken upon first glance.
  2. @FlippinTurt thank you mate, yours works fine! I've moved over to your container now and I suggest everyone else do the same.
  3. Let me be the first to say thank you for taking over the other container. DoH is an incredibly important feature for me. My blocking is not working whilst using PIA VPN. I have this VPN running on all of my devices. On Windows you can set a custom DNS within the tunnel software like so. My PiHole is running at The problem is, this results in a DNS not resolved error when using my VPN. If I set the Custom DNS to it works and I can see the traffic in my PiHole, but the problem is that it's very slow. Sites load very, very slowly and blocked sites
  4. Thanks for the reply. Here's my rtorrent.rc file: # This is an example resource file for rTorrent. Copy to # ~/.rtorrent.rc and enable/modify the options as needed. Remember to # uncomment the options you wish to enable. # Maximum number of simultaneous downloads and uploads slots (global slots!) (`max_downloads_global`, `max_uploads_global`) # = 300 = 300 # Global upload and download rate in KiB. "0" for unlimited. # #throttle.global_down.max_rate.set_kb = 0 #throttle.global_up.max_rate.set_kb = 0 # Maximum nu
  5. Ok I am 100% convinced that even using a port forward enabled endpoint. This script does not always do the port forwarding. My main tracker that I use is still reporting after multiple restarts of the container that rutorrent is instead using the port that is set in rtorrent.rc... which I was told above is not important if I am using PIA. This means that the port is not being reassigned correctly. EDIT: and here I have proof that it is not always working for some reason: 2021-01-02 19:12:00,242 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [info] Port forwarding is enabled [info] C
  6. @binhex I'm trying to use an ip address instead of a domain with PIA. This is because using a domain means that my IP will be different every single time, even if I only use the one country specific .ovpn file. For security I guess this might be good but it causes problems with other use cases which I will explain below. So when I generated my .ovpn file from PIA I chose IP. However, your script doesn't have this IP address in the list as listed to be port forwarded. Even though it should support port forwarding. So I am getting this: 2021-01-02 18:51:11,452
  7. Thanks for replying at such a time. So firstly, happy new years! I read that, so my local router setting is pointless. I'll disable that. My question then. So I am to assume that the rtorrent.rc file setting is completely pointless (at least for me running PIA)? Also, then I guess I am also to assume that I should ignore that "open port" plugin that rutorrent shows being closed? If this is the case, please let me know. Then I'll leave the rtorrent.rc port set to whatever if it makes no difference. I've checked on the and yougetsigna
  8. I just swapped to PIA. Is this necessary to enable port forwarding on my ruTorrent container? Currently I'm just using a generated .ovpn file from their site which I can create from my account page. I really need port forwarding working but the way that it is set up at the moment it seems you're only able to get a random one from within their Windows client... So how do we do this using the container? @binhex EDIT: Ok so I've read your FAQ on Github and the last 10 pages of posts. So far I get this in my log: 2020-12-31 21:52:38,738 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output
  9. Update: I was able to delete them after stopping Docker.
  10. I'm trying to use rm -r or rm -rf To delete some bugged folders made by ruTorrent in /incomplete When trying I get this message: rm: cannot remove 'incomplete/Sokpop.S08.Popos.Tower-DARKZER0': Directory not empty rm: cannot remove 'incomplete/Default.Folder.X.5.1.5.Dmg': Directory not empty rm: cannot remove 'incomplete/Micromat_ATOMIC_v1.0.2[MacOS]': Directory not empty rm: cannot remove 'incomplete/Aretha Franklin - Runnin'\'' Out Of Fools (1964) (2011) Columbia, HDTracks 24-96 [FLAC24]': Directory not empty rm: cannot remove 'incomplete/Mr.Kitty - D E Δ
  11. Alright thanks mate, I really appreciate the support. This can be closed then. Looks to be all working now.
  12. I was just about to say. Turning off just ruTorrent makes the mover run immediately. Files copying over at 350MB/s to parity and one of my disks... so it looks like that's working now. The other settings regarding the cache are okay?
  13. That's probably it. So the mover won't move the files if they are seeding? In that case I'll shut down rutorrent before engaging the mover and see if that works. Does everything else in the screenshots above look okay though? appdata cache set to - only and /tank set to cache - yes? What about the rest? I can handle shutting down ruTorrent if the mover fills up and I need to run it manually after having downloaded several large files, but if something else breaks like last time I'm going to spit the dummy.
  14. I ran it 5 more times and it stopped immediately every time. So this one absolutely has to have some explanation in it. I don't know where to look myself.
  15. I hope this has the right information. It should be at the bottom of the log. I rebooted, ran the mover. It ran for a while, moved about 125GB and then stopped halfway. I'm assuming because I didn't turn off Docker and something on one of my docker containers spun up and made it stop. I tried running it again (this time with logging enabled) and it stopped immediately again. I hope this diag tells why.
  16. Mover still hasn't moved anything manually or automatically. It's strangling my server because my cache is totally full. Can someone please tell me why it's not working? EDIT: Seems to be something to do with Docker I think. Restarting and immediately running the mover looks to be okay.
  17. Well I had a stab at this again and fixing my configuration. I literally am starting to question entirely how my device is meant to be setup to avoid this problem happening in the future. I rebuilt my torrents and setup rutorrent again after importing everything. It seems to be okay now but all of this has me wondering if it's set up the right way. The mover is still not moving files to the array when I am trying to run it. Here's the setup Here's the setup pics and diagnostics (attachments) SPECS: Model: HP MicroServer Gen8
  18. Well I'm not sure what just happened but I did what I wrote above and the mover finished, with only 30GB left on the cache. I turned Docker back on, started ruTorrent and every single one of my torrents immediately started redownloading and overwrote my completely written files... I had already downloaded all of those files over a 9-12 month period. But it's now downloading over 3.9TB of data all over again... this is a total fucking catastrophe... and now I have to go through each one and figure out what I want to re-download... I cannot even stress what a catastrophe this is. I l
  19. I've set appdata to "only". I want the appdata on the cache drive always, I don't want it on my RAID array. So I guess that's the correct setting? Thanks I did this. Though I didn't have domains on the cache drive. I just checked. I had only some files from the array (those new ones downloaded via rutorrent, waiting to be moved to the array) and appdata. I turned off Docker via the settings tab and ran the mover with app data set to "only" and /tank set to "yes". I don't really understand the difference between "yes" and "prefer" though. I have the mover run every ho
  20. It seems to be working now, but I had to restart the server and then press "move" for it to actually do anything. No idea why. I had even turned off Docker before restarting so there really shouldn't have been any activity whatsoever. Either way, it seems to be okay now but I do wish it would just move things off the cache first regardless of whether or not there are tasks to put things on the cache too.
  21. Thanks for the continued assist. Can I leave the appdata share on cache=only, or do I need to move it back later? I thought I had set it to cache only just to make containers perform better anyway. Setting it to no or only doesn't seem to make the mover do anything still. It just stops immediately. /tank is now the only share that is using the cache btw, which is set to "yes". It would be nice if in an update the mover skipped moving items to the cache if it was full and instead focused on moving items off, instead of outright stopping like it is in this case.
  22. I'm trying to move the files from the cache drive to /tank which is comprised of those other 3 drives you see above. It's a share called /tank which the mover should be moving filed downloaded to the cache off to the main drives every hour. For some reason though it only does this when it feels like it (at least that's how it seems) despite my set hourly schedule. I've attached some files. As you can see from the last screenshot, the cache drive has filled up. All of my docker images have now crashed and when trying to invoke the mover manually, it says it's running but a refr
  23. Just what it says. Cache is pretty full. It seems to run fine after a few hours (can't say it runs on 1 hour schedule like I set it up because it seems to take longer than 1 hour to actually do anything). Maybe I have set it up wrong? Trying to run it manually now. The button presses, says mover is running. After refreshing the page. It shows it's not running.
  24. Can we please get an option to auto-update docker apps after a few days (like say 7) like we do for plugins please? Was surprised to not find that option.