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Anyone running SteamOS?

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I've tried to set it up myself, but haven't had much luck. Just wondering about other peoples experiences and if anyone can give me any tips.


The main issue that I have is that after it installs after the first reboot is that it gets stuck and only a black screen with lines is seen, sometimes it gets stuck on the grub menu. When I changed VNC drivers there was a black screen with a big mouse like others have reported.


Tried changing the bios, though that didn't do much.



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I'm having this same issue. Doesn't seems like a common to be installed via VM on unraid though, hence the lack of support...


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I have it installed and working fine using Q35 and OVMF with a dedicated GPU. Didn't have any problems installing it as it was pretty straight forward. I haven't used it in ages though.

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Ahh that may be the difference - dedicated GPU.


What happens with me, is that i can see everything on the console up until it gets to the desktop. At the desktop it appears to download a 350 mb update and at the conclusion of the update it reboots and is never seen again. Just a blank screen with an enlarged mouse cursor. 


However, steamos specifically states that it supports intel gpu.. so theoretically it should work, 

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I used a nVidia GTX 750 for mine. I use all nVidia GPUs in my builds as you can see in my signature.

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I'm running a i7-4970 on a Asus Z87-A with 24GB RAM and a GTX970.


I have a W10 VM running with dedicated GPU.

I'm unable to install a VM with SteamOS. I stop my W10 and use the same settings...

When the installer ISO boots it gives me a menu, I can select any of them.

Then I get a black screen on top of most of the screen. Nothing more happens.

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