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  1. You should be able to open the console from the docker tab: Alternatively, the uri is something like: https://<host>/dockerterminal/<container-name> You can then run `top` to list all processes running, and then you can `pkill -9 <pid>` That should leave you with the container running, but no plex if you shut down all the plex services before they start up again.
  2. @limetech I think add_header Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store Would be a safe change. I opened a pull request for this change to get feedback: If I'm overlooking something I imagine they will call it out there.
  3. I'll upgrade this evening and take a look at that line and get back to you. `no-store` will help in cases where a user has setup a reverse proxy/vpn that they access novnc based containers through if unraids intent is to make sure the user always gets the must up to date front end build. Currently ISP level caches will cache the novnc files, only browsers respect the `no-cache` header. Outside of the reverse proxy use case I believe you guys are properly cache busting for NOVNC. 🎉 I made a note to ask the novnc guys if they think they should add `no-store` to the embedding docs or if it's too much of an edge case for all users.
  4. @limetech I saw this in the fixes. Do these requests also have `max-age=0` set to guarantee the stale content is flushed? If not 'no-cache' will simply lock the stale cache in place indefinitely/until the age is hit. Edit: It looks like `cache-control: max-age=0` is set in 6.9.0 (Woot, not an issue). Is the intent never to have NoVNC resources cached, so Unraid can guarantee updated front end bundles? If so you may want to add `no-store` in addition to `no-cache` so anyone using a reverse proxy to access noVNC will not end up with resources cached at a higher level like their ISP.
  5. I'm almost a year late to the party but I would also love to see the docker daemon ripped out and replaced with podman.
  6. Over the years I've had different plex client/hardware combos behave differently as far as audio codecs. I had a really bad time getting a fire tv to support the same things as my receiver, and eventually went to an Nvidia shield (At this point I'm not even sure what codecs are being used I just know I am getting 5.1 out, and I don't want to fiddle with anything and risk having to try to resolve things). I would be curious to see if the exact same files play with audio if you transcode them, or optimize the files first. Good luck though!
  7. As a bad, quick solution you could add a user script to: rm -rf /mnt/user/appdata/binhex-plexpass/Plex\ Media\ Server/Codecs/ (Or wherever your appdata is) Set it to run on array start, or on a schedule.
  8. I have nothing to back up this is your issue, but docker made a large change on November 2nd. They are no longer allowing unlimited downloads from dockerhub hosted repositories. I suspect this could introduce unexpected bugs into how unraid checks for and applies docker updates. Either way I don't have any good ideas to try. You could forcibly click the check for updates button, and maybe connect over a vpn (Or if you are on a vpn, try connecting off the vpn, you could be being rate limited because others are hitting dockerhub from the same vpn). Hopefully someone else has a better idea of what the cause might be.
  9. Like it's gone from the dropdown? That's weird/I have not experienced that before. I might make a new container for binhex-plexpass, (stop the old one) point the new container at your old /config and see if the option shows up in the dropdown after that. If it does maybe just use that new container.
  10. I have not been passing through a gpu to a vm in the last few months. Eventually I will be transitioning to a Ryzen build and may be able to help more. I suspect some things have changed but I don't know what they are at this time.
  11. That typically means you are offline I think (Or can't get a connection to the cloud services/docker images that are trying to be checked)? If you are online you should be able to click check for updates I think.
  12. Silly question, have you tried restarting your server (and making sure the container does not start automatically)? Maybe the container is not letting go of the gpu for some reason and a system restart will help? I don't see any configuration changes between our systems beyond that you are passing the gpu between docker containers.
  13. I'm not sure what else to try here, the only other related thing I have is an nvidia driver patch. Nvidia Driver: 440.59 Plex Version: Nvidia Unraid Version: 6.8.3
  14. Ah, there we go: I had to encode something really heavy though, a 4k file. The above screenshot is using the GPU Statistics plugin: and the right is just nvidia-smi.