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  1. I got the same error, how do you change the version?
  2. I was hoping I could get some advice. I am using the db-backup container and have databases on multiple hosts (servers). Is there a way to backup them all up with one instance of the docker? From what I can tell you can only backup one host on one instance of the docker. For example if i wanted to backup the database on and I would need to create two different docker instances for each host.
  3. I couldn't find a way to do it with libvert either, which is a pity. While it requires using the command line, I think (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) that the only way to it is with btfrs snapshots. It means the file system needs to be btfrs also though, typically your cache is formatted as such. See:
  4. Was hoping someone would have a solution (or figured I set something up incorrectly) since I saw in the other thread that people mentioned about using qcow disk format to make snapshots. Also tbh I didn’t understand the terminology on that site. Like what’s the difference between internal and external snapshots ?
  5. Just wondering if anyone has snapshots working with virt-manager? I've made sure my disk is convert to qcow format, but when I try make a snapshot this error comes: error: Operation not supported: internal snapshots of a VM with pflash based firmware are not supported
  6. I've tried to set it up myself, but haven't had much luck. Just wondering about other peoples experiences and if anyone can give me any tips. The main issue that I have is that after it installs after the first reboot is that it gets stuck and only a black screen with lines is seen, sometimes it gets stuck on the grub menu. When I changed VNC drivers there was a black screen with a big mouse like others have reported. Tried changing the bios, though that didn't do much.
  7. Here is the Vbios dump for the Asus GTX 1050 2048 MB BIOS (PH-GTX1050-2G) Tested briefly and seems to be working fine. Thanks for the tutorial @SpaceInvaderOne PH-GTX1050-2G.rom