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  1. Me too! I've got quite a few VMs and could really take advantage of this feature when added.
  2. Ended up purchasing a Supermicro X10DAC instead of the X10DAX because it has an onboard LSI HBA. Still looking on ebay for the CPU's and memory and hope to find and purchase them this week or early next week.
  3. FYI. @jonp mentioned in another post about dropping support for Q35 and Windows based VM's. More info here: So keep that in mind before switching machine types for your Windows VM's.
  4. Intel is the only platform for iGPU passthrough support and it is still fairly new so YMMV with Intel support as well.
  5. I would pull your flash drive and check the file system on it from another PC. Also, try booting in safe mode. I think there may have been a similar problem reported earlier in the RC series where a plugin caused the issue. Either way, can't hurt to try.
  6. You should change your memory to use 4 sticks instead of 2 as your board supports quad channel memory for faster IO speed.
  7. No. To take advantage of this patch, you'll have to continue to edit the XML manually.
  8. Will do. I'll post back if I have questions or run into a problem. Thanks for your help!!
  9. Saw an XFS metadata error pop up in my server log. I have no idea what to do to fix this so how should I proceed? Thanks!! filesvr-diagnostics-20190308-0110.zip
  10. @jonp I was able to successfully switch a VM from Q35 to i440fx and activate my Windows 10 license. Note that I have all OEM Windows license's because they were OS upgrades from previous Windows versions. OEM licenses get 1 activation so transferring to a new PC or VM invalidates them. These Windows license's seem to be tied to the VM uuid and that's how I was able to do a successful conversion. However changing the uuid takes a bit of work as it isn't very easy to do.
  11. Thanks. This is exactly what I needed to know! I feel better now and ditching Q35 should be a non-issue for me then. I'll convert all my Windows VM's to i440fx to future proof the VM's.
  12. Not sure where you heard that, but it's not true. i440fx works perfectly fine when moving a VM from one set of electronics to another. Not sure where you got the impression otherwise. I think you're misunderstanding what I'm trying to say. I use Q35 Windows VM's currently. I need to migrate them to my new hardware. My concern is that the VM XML will be different if the XML is generated based on the hardware of the unRaid server. If the XML is the same regardless of hardware, then this would be a non-issue. If not, I'll be in trouble if Q35 is removed as I won't be able to properly generate the XML. If you change the motherboard of your computer, Windows wants you to call MS to reactivate the license (if you're not signed in with a Microsoft account). This applies the same with virtual motherboards like i440fx and Q35. If you've associated your registered copy of Windows with your Microsoft account, you'll just need to resign in once you change the gear and all is good. All my Windows 10 VM's were upgraded from Windows 7 or 8 and from what I understand, it is an OEM license and can only be activated on one machine. A server hardware upgrade or change to i440fx would kill my activated licenses with no recourse other than to buy new licenses. So keeping Q35 would be helpful in this case.
  13. No. You can choose "VNC" as your graphics card, which is the default option. With VNC, you can use the built in viewer, which is an option when you click on the VM name, but many people use RDP. RDP is Microsoft's remote desktop app and it runs better than using VNC viewer to work inside your VM.
  14. @jonp All of my Windows VM's use Q35. I am upgrading my server MB, CPU, and ram to use server grade hardware. In order for me to transfer my VM's, I will need to create a new VM using Q35 to use as a base template, and then point the xml to use the original virtual disk file. For migration purposes, keeping Q35 is about the only way to properly migrate a VM to ensure hardware compatibility with a new server. Also, migrating Windows based VHD's from other sources will become problematic if not impossible to get right. My other thought is that migrating Windows based VM's from q35 to i440fx could invalidate the Windows license, although I don't know if this is a real problem or not. I had no idea that i440fx is superior to q35. Knowing that, I would have used it over q35 when i originally setup my VM's.