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  1. That's odd. If it boots then i guess leave it.
  2. I just bought this board. For 4 sticks of memory, use the outer most memory (the onest farthest away from the cpu) slots next to each cpu.
  3. Are you running the trial version? Only the trial version requires an internet connection. Purchased versions do not.
  4. https://winworldpc.com/library/operating-systems http://vetusware.com/category/OS/?cat=1
  5. under Settings -> Management Access in unRAID, there is a top level domain property that can be set to local so that unRAID will respond to name.local from any PC or OS.
  6. You can't do both. It's either VNC or GPU passthrough.
  7. Sounds like you're running nested virtualization. I can't help if that's the case and it's unsupported by LT. Doesn't mean it won't work of course. Good luck.
  8. Thanks for the help Andrew. I'll give this a try.
  9. Does FreeBSD support your adapter? I've used versions 19.1 and 19.7 of OPNsense using an intel nic with no problems.
  10. I believe you can manually type in your own path to whatever source you want. Give it a try and let us know.
  11. FYI, LT has already said Linux kernel upgrade to 5.x is coming in unRaid 6.8 unless something has changed.
  12. I would just create new VM's and assign the current vdisk to them. I just did a huge upgrade last week myself and all but 2 VM's ran ok. I used this solution too and had them both back up and running in under 5 minutes.
  13. I'm having this same problem. I detect and load the drivers. Then scan and select the temps and fan speed readings. Hit apply and done. after leaving the page, nothing shows up in the dashboard. I go back to check the settings and everything is blank and i cannot detect or load drivers or sensors as they are all blank. filesvr-diagnostics-20190719-1020.zip
  14. the GT 710, 730, and 1030 are all low priced cards and work well. They are about as cheap as you can get and you can get them in PCIE 1x connections and single slot designs.