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  1. when I try to add a new series it just spins and eventually times out. This worked a couple weeks ago and I don't think I changed anything. I can go to tvdb and search successfully . I tried to search for the tvdbid and that doesn't work either. Any ideas? thanks david
  2. Yes, sorry don't check the forums often. PM me then I'll get a notification. david
  3. I finally got it to boot. I used to boot from the USB UEFI parition 0, that no longer works after the upgrade. I had to change my BIOS to boot from the non-UEFI partition. Not sure how that happened, but at least it is up and running. david
  4. I just tried to install v6.8.0/rc4 and now UnRaid won't even try to boot. It comes out of POST and just sits there. Hints on how to recover my previous working working version? thanks,
  5. is anyone running this docker in anything other than bridge mode?
  6. I'm trying to move all my dockers to my IOT vlan. I've successfully moved plex, deluge and nzbget. I can access them via their web interfaces fine. I also moved Sonarr and can access its web interface fine. However I cannot get Sonarr to connect to either of the downloaders. I did update the ips to the new ips, they are all on the same subnet. I opened a console into the Sonarr docker and can ping the IPs for the two download clients. Any ideas what I need to do to get Sonarr to be able to connect to the download clients? Essentially I've moved everything from bridge to br0.10. One additional comment: it connects to jackett just fine after I moved jackett as well. thanks david
  7. Ok how do I change that? I don't see that option in the VM settings any longer. I do see the btrfs as 20GB. NM figured it out
  8. OK I changed the disk size from 1GB to 20 and now it created the file. thanks
  9. I'm trying to setup VM for the first time and cannot find the libvirt file. Do I need to download that somewhere? I didn't see that step in the wiki. thanks, david
  10. I just built a similar system except I used E5-2680v3. So far it has been good. The IOMMU grouping is pretty good out of the box and I can use my GPU in the plex container without issues. I have had one time that samba went unresponsive, but I'm hoping that isn't a common occurrence. I do wish the board had IPMI, but it isn't a deal breaker for me.
  11. I was trying to copy a small file over to my cache drive. It took several minutes to copy, instead of a few seconds. I took at look at the processes and see find mdrecoveryd unraidd taking 200% of the CPU and a 2% wa. Any ideas what kicks off find, mdrecoveryd and unraidd? Nothing else was running. thanks david
  12. I've been using this in my box, but with my recent upgrade of hardware I no longer need it. It has been flashed to IT mode and ran without issues with UnRaid. $40+ Shipping CONUS thanks, david
  13. I'm looking for the block-off plate for the bottom power supply of the original Cooler Master Stacker case. I know that LimeTechnology sold a lot of these as preconfigured systems and I'm hoping someone may have an extra blocker plate laying around. It let's you put 2x80mm fans in down there. Mine has been a gaping hole for years after I went from dual power supplies to a single. If so please PM me, david
  14. Nevermind, I found that my .htpasswd was located at /config/nginx/site-confs/.htpasswd. moved it to the correct place and everything started working.
  15. OK I narrowed it down to my password file. If I remove it from the site-confs/default I can access everything internally and externally. If I put in: auth_basic "Restricted"; auth_basic_user_file /config/nginx/.htpasswd; I immediately get a 403 Forbidden message. no chance to even enter the password. I tried Edge, as I hadn't use it and I did get the password prompt before getting the 403 message.