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  1. Hi all. Its been a while since I have looked at duplicati as I've been running a scipt back up as I had an issue when back up over 1tb to a local store it seemed to crash. Is this still a limitation ? Is it more reliable compaired to a script copying the data daily ? Thanks T
  2. Hi all... just to let you know this worked although I renamed the old folders on each disk appdataold so I had a back up as well but I had a heart stopping moment when all my shares and dockers would not fire back no matter what I did. If any one else gets this I simpley rebooted and all was well - I hope that helps any one else in a simular posotion. Once again @Squid thank you for your help... T
  3. Hi - I have added another disk to my server so I can dedicate it to my appsdata and docker image as it currently resides where media files do. This disk is not an SSD so I have decided it is not worth making as a cache (happy to be corrected) so I have set it as standard storage area for the array. With this in mind I want to move the folder lock stock and barrel then limit what disks can be used so data stays on the disk only. Can some one advise the best method for this please ? Many thanks Terran
  4. Thanks for that... I'll look in to it. Thanks T
  5. Hi all - feeling a bit of a twit tonight as I forgot my admin password and I only have one user set up as it is for home use. Does any one have the process to reset via the docker CLI as I believe "passwd username" is possible but I'm unable to invoke it via the terminal. Thanks Terran
  6. Hi - I tried a random .com and it seems ok so I guess you may be right as I was test setting up at one location. Thanks T
  7. Hi all, I have to say I like this tool so far. It seems easy to set up. I have one question though and it my be Wiregaurd its self... setting up a Server to Server you need to specify a Peer End Point how ever the one I am trying to use is on a home broadband therefore dynamic. I would like to use a FQDN (ie DuckDNS) how ever it will not accept any thing but a proper IP. Do you know if this is a limitation, a bug or even if there is a work around ? Thanks Terran
  8. Hi Guys... I know I'm posting to my self but I would like to think some one will find this post useful in the future. I'm happy the problem is now fixed... took some sussing due to not having logs to work off but my system has been stable so I'm going to call it a duff video card. Hope this helps. T
  9. Progress report for any one else having a simular problem. Card 1 was an older nvidia and a USB 3 card which I cant get working. I've removed it and replaced with an ati and it seems stable. I'll have to try some reboots etc (loading data on to a new drive) but it normally has fallen by now. T
  10. Thanks for the feed back. My issue is win 10 deciding to reboot and not me. Terran
  11. Hi all. I think i have tracked it down to the nvidia gtx 730 not reseting when the vm shuts down. I have managed to export the bios and now load the dump and it always works first time how ever after the vm restart one core of the cpu for the bate metal maxes, after a short while the fans ramp up then the machines switches off. I'm yet to collect a log from the crash successfully which says to me the hang is pretty much straight away. Has any on else come across issues with cards not resetting and if so how did you over come the issue ? Thanks
  12. Hi... Korro... did you manage to find a solution to the card reset issue as I think I'm having the same with a nvidia gtx 730. Thanks Terran
  13. Hi all, I am not very experinced with advanced diags for Unraid VMs so I hoping some one will be able to help review my attached diags files. I can start any VM up first time OK and can be used for some time how ever when I switch it off and switch to another I have had either a) the VM will not start but it is shown as started or b) the whole server has hung. I'm 90% sure that it is related to the video card getting locked how ever as I said I'm not sure how to find that or if I am right what the solution may be. I would very much appriciate any