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  1. Hi and thanks for responding. It was 5 files about 200mb each (duplicati created). In short any operations realting to transfer files to my usb 3 connected drive is far too slow. Eg duplicati reports it's copying in bytes and not mega bytes speed. Script copies seem to be as slow too. These are drives that used to backup ok under windows server as well so I'm relatively happy the hard ware is ok. I've checked lsusb and the correct drivers and speed seem to be in place. Terran
  2. So first off I believe the issue is usb as I have mostly speed issues non!after what docker or script I use. It's beyond frustrating as after 3 months of moving to unraid I still do not have a working backup. I put in a usb 3 card but that does seem to act about the same as using the on board host. I've tried xfs ...NTFS.... Etc I've tried new cables and PSU s I've tried using a cache drive for temp files to prevent parity slowing backups After many hours of researching and going down multiple routes including caching I'm out of ideas. Ps to those that have helped me elsewhere thank you but I think usb transfer speeds is the core of the issue. tbmaindoma-diagnostics-20190310-1720.zip
  3. Hi - I've set a script up but its slow on mine as it is duplicati. I need to do some further investigation but I'd say USB 3 is just slow even with the PCI E card I now have. Re the scripts them selves this is what I ended up with as I have 2 disks I switch... #!/bin/bash #disk1 rsync -aqv --progress --delete --log-file="/mnt/disks/backup1/Backup share log" /mnt/user/ "/mnt/disks/backup1/usershares" rsync -aqv --progress --delete --log-file="/mnt/disks/backup1/flash log" /etc/libvirt/ "/mnt/disks/backup1/libvirt" #disk2 rsync -aqv --progress --delete --log-file="/mnt/disks/backup2/Backup share log" /mnt/user/ "/mnt/disks/backup2/usershares" rsync -aqv --progress --delete --log-file="/mnt/disks/backup2/flash log" /etc/libvirt/ "/mnt/disks/backup2/libvirt" T
  4. Hi all... new key is in and the system feels smoother (placebo affect I guess) how ever the key thing is that its not fallen over since. The good news is that I also got my money back after I shared the logs above so thank you every one who has helped. It does show though that it is possible to get a new USB that actually fails out of the box. Terran
  5. I also got this.... Annoying if so as its not very old this key. Thanks for the feed back so far... Terran SyslogCatchAll-2019-03-03.txt EDIT: I've ordered a new key... heres hoping its not another dud
  6. ...and its gone again after rebooting 3 hrs ago. I disabled the spin down so I would say that is not linked. Very frustrating though even more so than Windows. Terran
  7. For discussion and sharing experiences... Havingspent some time now with Unraid and coming from Windows server I'm surprised there are not more really good backup options to local usb storage. Duplicati seems to be the best but I have found it slow and not as polished as any other backup app in the windows world. I like cloudberry but reading there seems to be a 5tb limit (correct me if I am wrong please). If I want to do just a file level then I could use rsync etc but that's more a copy than a back up. If love to see native bare metal backup support in Unraid but I suspect that may not be even considered at this time. So what are people's experiences when it comes to backing up large amounts of data to a local usb drive and not the cloud. Are there any best practices or left feild suggestions ? Terran
  8. And again... 2 out of the 3 data drives are spun down. I'm thinking a new usb key is required how ever it's disappointing as this was new not long back. I've got the key going direct in to a usb 2 port now. I did try and put a usb 4 port card in in case it was a bus issue but unraid does not want to play. I have also changed to a legacy boot mode. If any one could confirm my findings it would be appreciated. T tbmaindoma-diagnostics-20190303-1718.zip
  9. Hi Squid. Box has been spot on all day how ever I just ran the appdata backup for the first time and it occured again. Diags attached. If it's a faulty usb I can put up with that I just can't tell at the moment. tbmaindoma-diagnostics-20190302-2230.zip
  10. The UX is partly working but certain elements don't. I'll see if I can get a screen shot as it's strange plus I'm not sure but I think the dockers are still running. I'll grab the diags when I'm able to and I've had a remote syslog running to capture any thing as well. Thanks Terran
  11. Hi all... My server is running in the latest RC and seems to be great except I think the usb key is been fully dismounted when the drives spin down by them selves. It does not seem to be an issue if I have backups running or copying data on / off only when the machine is idle. Manually spinning down does not seem to do it but if I leave the server alone for a few hours I find the UX crashed and the flash drive no longer mounted. I have put the key in a usb hub and direct in to a port with no change. I do not think it's the RC as I had the same problem before hand but for the last few weeks the server had been busy reloading my data. Has anyone come across this ? Are there any hidden power settings relating to the usb ports or drives or do I need to disable spining down (I'd prefer not to tbh). Is there a way to see if the drive is included in a spin down group ? I'm going though my logs and when back home I'll post any thing relevant. Thanks in advance Terran
  12. ccsnet

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Duplicati

    Hi all... I'm getting 16 bytes through put backing up to a usb 3 drive and no where near 640 MBps. I have have made /mnt/disks available so I could navigate to the drive. Every thing else is now running spot on with low latency and I have even added a dedicated sata card, added swap and moved app data to a new cache drive I have installed. I'm not sure where to go now with this. Thanks in advance Terran
  13. ccsnet

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - OpenVPN-AS

    Hi. One of the first things I tried. Thanks Terran
  14. ccsnet

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - OpenVPN-AS

    Hi... Just updated as I could not get openvpn started with out errors even using the fix above and I've had to eat the image and folder again as I got connection refused after the update completed. Are there any logs I can share here that would be any help ? Thanks Terran