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  1. Hi - I'm having a probem switching from Bridge to Host mode... I've had a look around but I've not found any simular posts (may be I'm not looking right). Could any one make anu suggestions based on this error ? Execution error / Server error Alternativley if Bridge mode is the best way what would be the best suggestion to set up a fixed port as Unraid only allows for UDP or TCP not UDP/TCP when allocating. THe main reason for the above is that I'm not convinced my router is enabling the UPNP ports and as such I do not have access to some seeds so I was going to fix them under bridged or hopefully allow UPNP to work right under host. Thanks Terran
  2. Hi all, I have a working PC with a nvidia card - works fine. RDP works fine too but Windows 11 been Windows 11 some features get locked out (such a changes to the PIN services). I've worked around using Teamviewer but it can be a bit iffy some times. This came about as I am building a gaming vPC (no screen or KB attached to the server) and needed to change things so it would autolog on... Does any one have a suggestion on how to keep the pass through GPU in place but still enable the VNC menu option in Unraid once a VNC server is installed on the VM ? I have a feeling this is a no but thought if would be worth asking. Thanks T
  3. Thank you both for the comments. It's appreciated. T
  4. Hi all, I have a 100GB Windows 11 VM which has the default partitions so when I add extra space through the VM control pannel ie 150GB the extra space appears after the system restore partition meaning the useable partition can not be extended. Is it possible to add the extra space then move the system restore partition to the end of the virtual disk allowing for the c drive to be extended like you can with a physical machine ? Thanks Terran
  5. I seem to have lost the ability to DL any thing. I can see seeds and peers but nothing is available. Happy to post logs if some one can point me in the right direction. Also is there any advantages in setting static firewall rules ? Not sure whats changed (running 2.0.5) Binhex QBittorrent is working fine with the same torrents T
  6. So nearly a month later and I've had no problems. I hope the above helps some one although I'm still not 100pct what the issue was. T
  7. Hi all... I did it. What an effort. So I managed to get access to another windows pc so put my card in the second slot and followed nvidas advice to extract the bios here... I then edited the bios as per spaceinvaders guide... Guess what, it was bigger as I suspected so this means the extract script he provides does not always work. Any way this was was not the end but the beginning of the end. I left video=efifb:off & the pci grouping in place but did not make any changes to the xml. I set the vm up as normal using q35 6.1 for Windows 10. I set the card as primary with the newly edited bios. This worked first time so on to Windows 11. Here it got tricky as I decided to do a clean and fresh setup with no. Vnc and the nvidia as the primary card. It was booting but only to the uefi (could explain what I saw earlier with it starting from the unraid point of view but not been able to access). I had to type exit and then manually select the virtual dvd. After adding in storage and network drivers during set up I was able to get to the gui but still had the error 43 on the driver. To get rid of this I uninstalled the device and downloaded the latest driver set from nvidia which were some twelve months later than what Windows had installed so probably had the fix in for code 43 (Nvidia have started playing nice with virtual machines... Info on the Web). This solved it. So I've prepped and rebooted a few times so fairly happy it's job done. I'm still not sure why it was booting to the uefi but hopefully it will not be an issue in the future, if it is this should help some one. I may have a play in the future ie put my nvidia drivers on for unraid so I can get to the gui and remove video=efifb:off to make it more standard just to see if the changes make any difference. I'll post here if I do. Any thoughts on all the above especially the uefi booting? Thanks to all those who helped on this thread. T
  8. Hi... Seen a couple of your posts and it's one of the reasons I'm going to try pulling the bios out under windows. Using spaceinvaders script it always comes out as about 50k but that feels too small compared to others out there. (not science just a feeling). I did try to dl one from the dB he suggested and it was about 250k and didn't work so I'm hoping (not expecting) I may get a different result doing it via Windows. Nb for any one interested... I've started testing Windows 10 as its more established and better fault finding plus windows 11 security was a problem... Ie pin services kept coming up or rdp was disabled. You can disable pin services and you can use teamviewer to remote in but that took some working out as there was no display T Ps Just found a reason to love my pita nvida card (plus xbox) on my unraid server if I get it going...
  9. So - going to log this for any one else following in my foot steps - countless hours now spent on this issue over Chrimbo and researching error 43. I have tried all of the above and more on brand new fresh Win 10/11 images from MS and even tried all the same with another GPU side by side (on of the suggestions I saw was have another GPU). Again tried all of the above with the GPUs as primary and secondarys. I've also been making BIOS changes (my MSI 970 board is not very clear on vitual settings as its a gaming orianted) I'm almost at the point of believing this is a lower level than some thing I can config as I know the card works fine with Unraid its self so the last couple of throws before I raise this to the devs will be to do the same again with Unbuntu to prove if it a Windows thing but also see if I can dump the bios on a Windows machine. I dont believe these will make a diffrence but I want to try before I go back to borrowing an AMD card. Any reeding I have done or things I have tried are in a post a bit further back that I have been editing. Right - going for a lie down as its past 1 am T
  10. 1) yep... The bios I'm using is a direct dump and I've double checked the headers 2) That's my next thought as I have a sound card on the mobo but I don't have expectations that it will make a change as its windows reporting the issue. I'll not stop working in this as there must be an answer. Thanks again... Have a good Christmas T
  11. Hi - I had put the changes in but also took them out while I tried other things (spent a few hours on it today) which is why they are not in the diags. Note 1 - thanks - this was based on spaceindaverones video but I believe there was a recent change so I follow what your saying. I've added them back and attached the diags for you as screen is not displaying. I really do apprciate your time on this and I am trying your suggestions but I'm also trying actions too after looking around the forums, redit and Nvida sites. Thanks T
  12. Agreed but triggered by the VM and not the host hence the post here given that I am running the RC. If its not a glitch / bug thats fine but thought I would post just in case. BTW I think you can reproduce by changing the UUID. Thanks as ever Squid. T
  13. Well that didnt last for long... A couple of reboots / cold starts later and nothing again. I'm going to see if I cabn find a DVI to VGA adaptor move away from the HDMI to VGA one - long shot I know. T