60GB Cached RAM

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11 hours ago, mihcox said:

Should I create a new share for this /mnt/cache/transcode?

I would, yes.  Do your worst, abuse the system and see how big the transcode folder gets, then add 10-15% and go back to using a RAM drive that is at least that large :)  assuming you have enough RAM.


don't about the caching, its normal... unused memory is wasted memory.... it's a unix thing.  No worries, the system gives it up for other use.

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23 hours ago, mihcox said:

Should I create a new share for this /mnt/cache/transcode?

I would highly recommend transcoding to cache instead of RAM.


While it's true that unused RAM is wasted RAM, I disagree with the notion that using it for transcode tmp makes it any less wasted.

While Plex isn't system critical, it's what I call "happiness critical" e.g. I would imagine the overall happiness level of your household to drop significantly if Plex refuses to stream (due to insufficient memory for transcode tmp) so you have to go in and try to fix stuff. So even though theoretically yes the system will give it up for other uses, the RAM is almost exclusive reserved for Plex; therefore, unless you stream 24/7, such reserved RAM is actually even more wasted during down time.


The original justification for running transcode tmp in RAM was due to concerns over SSD wear. Personally, I have found that concern to be completely unfounded. SSDs wears out very gracefully and lasts beyond their rated lifespan (except for Intel SSD). SSDs don't usually just die once reaching its limit (except for Intel SSD) but will simply reallocates bad cells and continues to use what is left.



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