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  1. Make a share on the cache or set the Transcode share to use the Cache?
  2. Long story short, messing around with things and somehow I corrupted my docker image, wiped the docker image and started over. I have most things setup now again and working, but I cannot get Ombi working with Let'sEncrypt. I can get to the address (ombi.mydomain.com), shows the orange progress bar at the top and then all I get is a grey screen. I can load the docker locally just fine. I have enabled the proxy config file as well.. changed the proxy pass under the proxy.conf section to the IP of the server and port of the Ombi.
  3. If you install the Drivers for GPU/Microsoft driver, the mouse loses it's outline.. the only way I've been able to fix it, go into Control Panel and Mouse, change the icon to a slightly bigger size and it will show the outline and be more visible.
  4. Mine did the same thing on Friday..was working fine until the afternoon when I updated MariaDB.. then it all went to shit.. MariaDB Logs were constantly updating with - "MYSQL safe logging" over and over.. Nextcloud wasn't working either, couldn't even pull up the docker link. I ended up just making a backup of my nextcloud share, deleting it, removing MariaDB and NC and everything in Appdata and started fresh. But I agree, it was something with the MariaDB.. my db that I had made, didn't even exist anymore where it should have been.
  5. If you're using Windows 10 and it's on 1903 version/Insider Edition, and you are remoting into it, once you disconnect it will peg 1 or 2 threads/cpu's.... I found this out and had to remove the Inside Edition from my VM and went back to the previous Version of Win10... As of today it's still doing it even after the latest Insider update. If you remote in, DC and then remote back in, it will settle..but once you DC again it'll spike... something to do with the new background blur maybe in Win 10? not sure.
  6. I ran into this issue when I had mapped my Mouse and KB to the VM, removed them and for some reason it was trying to start the VM with them.. Had to reconnect them, start the VM, then remove them from the template.
  7. Agreed... I finally gave up trying to use the Vega graphics and got a GTX Card.. it would be nice to have in the future though.
  8. Installed a Insiders Preview Edition of Win 10, setup passthrough and installed GPU drivers, RDP, disconnect, CPU's are pegged..
  9. I guess I don't know how long it was running with the CPU at 100, but I just noticed it was doing that.. It would only do it when it was on the lock screen though.. I'll stick with this build for now and maybe setup another VM with Insider Builds and see if I can replicate it.
  10. I remoted in a few times now and disconnected, no pegged CPU - after downgrading from 1903 to 1809 build of Windows 10. I have the Nvidia drivers installed even and still no issue. I'm pretty sure it was the 1903 build of Windows (Windows Insider).
  11. So after putsing with this... After removing the GPU drivers it doesn't peg any CPUs.. if I add the driver either via Windows Device Manager or Nvidia official drivers, remote in and then disconnect it pegs one CPU/thread.. I hooked up a monitor and keyboard and mouse, after I remote in and it pegs, If I log in with a monitor it doesn't peg... Something to do with remotely accessing and how it releases maybe? It doesn't happen with just the MS Generic drivers though.. I was running Windows 1903 and reverted back to 1809 and now it doesn't do it.. maybe it's something to do with 1903 build..
  12. So I edited the VM to not use Audio at all, restarted VM, RDP - logged out/disconnect and now it's stable without pegging any CPU's. EDIT - Nevermind.. it's still pegging 1 CPU/Thread at 100... wtf EDIT2 - ran Guru3D's DisplayDriverUninstaller - removed all Nvidia stuff..restarted, RDP - disconnected..no pegged CPU's..
  13. I only have GPU and Audio passed through. USB Controller I don't have passing through.
  14. I'm getting this in the VM Log file - "qemu-system-x86_64: vfio: Cannot reset device 0000:0a:00.1, depends on group 28 which is not owned. IOMMU group 27: 0a:00.1 Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation Device 1aeb (rev a1) IOMMU group 28: 0a:00.2 USB controller: NVIDIA Corporation
  15. Updated to RC7 - RDP'd in, disconnected, still pegging 1 CPU/Thread.