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  1. other question I guess is, for Appdata should that be set to PREFER or ONLY for cache setting? if I change it ONLY will it screw anything up from what it's currently setup as?
  2. Unraid 6.8.3. 1TB Cache drive in brtfs. Shares I have appdata, domains and system to to PREFER, I have Transcode for Plex set to ONLY. I've been off and on looking at the writes to the cache and keep wanting to dive into this rabbit hole. My drive is I think 2 years old maybe 10k in hours on, with Data Written showing 468TB. Am I just being overly cautious with worrying about this? I cleared my disk stats last night and with Plex and all other dockers off, I was getting bumps of several hundred writes and over night it passed over a million writes to the cache. I have One VM - windows 10
  3. I have Authelia setup and working..or seems to be for a few apps.. I'm seeing in the logs though a lot of "user not authorized" with the same IP (From work) after I've already logged in. also in the docker logs I'm getting an error with "Bad connection" multiple a day... just wondering if that's something I should be concerned about, using Redis.
  4. I'm interested in checking in on my setup... I have unraid 6.8.3 running with Syncthing docker. I have /sync set as my photos, this syncs from my phone camera. I also then created a /sync2 that points to another folder to sync to my phone as well. I also setup /sync3 for syncing my wife's phone photos... all seems to work.. I have the server side setup to ignore delete and I only have it sync when connected to home wifi. Is this the correct setup? I've been watching some Lawrence systems videos and it sounds like the best practice for adding more folders/devices is for the "rem
  5. Thank you for this.. I recently had my pfsense VM take a dump and stopped loading... had to reload it and rebuild it and I couldn't fully pass the NIC to the VM. It would see only 1 port. I did what you suggested, using the i440fx instead of Q, see's the NIC's now.
  6. I had pfSense running in a VM everything was working, restarted my server and then pfsense stopped loading all the way.. I wiped the VM and started over (I have a backup), couldn't get it to see a LAN port, would see the WAN but never got an IP Address...I'm playing around with it again, after setup it still only see's 1 port/em0 for the doesn't see the other ports I've passed through.. any ideas? I've checked my IOMMU groups, they're still in the groups they were, 2 in group 16 and 2 in group 17. I've played with the VFIO Config, unchecked, rechecked the network card in System Devic
  7. I'm going through your guide @SpaceInvaderOne , I got the mongodb working, I think... but when I try and start the Rocketchat it just doesn't start.. in the log: disregard, I'm dumb... had a special character in the password that it didn't like...
  8. I contacted AMD and finally was able to get it redeemed.. after explaining 3 times that I couldn't, the app didn't load and it was on a VM. Keep pushing them to redeem it.
  9. odd issue I have with my BW.. it's not a big deal but slightly annoying.. I had the previous BW installed and the icon showed. After some time the icon went away. Then I updated the rs version and still can't get the icon to show. I've set the icon address.. unraid isn't going through any pihole..
  10. sounds like you might have a mishap with your LE and it pointing to your nextcloud container. Double check LE configs and make sure it's pointed to the right port.
  11. I love the usability and using Dockers. I'd love to see the ability to move things around and customize the dashboard more.
  12. Make a share on the cache or set the Transcode share to use the Cache?
  13. Long story short, messing around with things and somehow I corrupted my docker image, wiped the docker image and started over. I have most things setup now again and working, but I cannot get Ombi working with Let'sEncrypt. I can get to the address (, shows the orange progress bar at the top and then all I get is a grey screen. I can load the docker locally just fine. I have enabled the proxy config file as well.. changed the proxy pass under the proxy.conf section to the IP of the server and port of the Ombi.
  14. If you install the Drivers for GPU/Microsoft driver, the mouse loses it's outline.. the only way I've been able to fix it, go into Control Panel and Mouse, change the icon to a slightly bigger size and it will show the outline and be more visible.
  15. Mine did the same thing on Friday..was working fine until the afternoon when I updated MariaDB.. then it all went to shit.. MariaDB Logs were constantly updating with - "MYSQL safe logging" over and over.. Nextcloud wasn't working either, couldn't even pull up the docker link. I ended up just making a backup of my nextcloud share, deleting it, removing MariaDB and NC and everything in Appdata and started fresh. But I agree, it was something with the MariaDB.. my db that I had made, didn't even exist anymore where it should have been.