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  1. I am suddenly getting error 522 when i try to access the nextcloud webui and i can't connect to my server using the domain name. I am connected using the windows app on my PCs with the IP address and it is functioning normally, but trying to connect using the domain name on my phone or laptop ( times out. I also tried connecting via ip address on these devices and it connects, but when i try to log in, error 522. EDIT: I just discovered that on the andorid app, If I try to connect with IP address, I get error 522, but I have an option to "Use old login method" which then works. This was working literally an hour ago. I did a graceful shutdown of the server because of weather, and it was working at the time. After bringing the server back online I get the error. No configuration changes made. Letsencrypt logs show "nginx: [error] lua_load_resty_core failed to load the resty.core" but from my research, is not relevant. SOLVED: turns out my external IP changed + configuration error in duck dns docker (an extra space in from of the token in the token field) stopping duck dns from updating. No idea why that was an issue now and not for the initial configuration, but its working now so I'm happy.
  2. My ISP is blocking port 80 so I can't get certificates, is there any way around this? I've seen a little bit about DNS challenge, but from what I gather, you need to own the DNS server, which I don't so that doesn't seem like an option unless I'm misunderstanding that. I also been suggested to use a different port, but from what I've read, letsencrypt must use port 80? For my setup I used SpaceInvader's video tutorial and CyanLab's tutorial
  3. Maybe a weird question but does anyone know if I set up say a Windows 10 VM on my server, will programs be able to detect what CPU is installed on my server? I'm asking specifically in regards to AMD Rewards program as i need to install and run a verification tool in order to claim a game code for my Ryzen 7 2700 purchase. Setting up a VM would require that i take my server down (like down out of the closet and to my work area in the garage), turn on HVM, and then put it back up, and if already knows if it won't work anyways I don't think I'll bother.
  4. I suddenly cant get into my nextcloud. The client app is saying "No connection to nextcloud at [my server], timeout. When i try to access the webui on unraid, i get a connection timeout error. Everything was working yesterday and I haven't made any kind of configuration changes since then, and neither nextcloud, mariadb, or letsencyrpt logs are showing any kind of errors. I've verified my nextcloud settings, tried restarting my dockers, even the whole server and nothing fixes it. Any ideas on where to go from here?
  5. Using MineOS and it works great, but on the Server Status page, Memory Footprint is blank for me. It should show how much memory is being used by the server, right?
  6. Hello, I was looking over BIOS revision for my motherboard (planning an upgrade, wanted to make sure I had a good version) and I noticed for the newest revision (AGESA, it says to make sure to update the latest motherboard chipset driver first which brings me to my question. Is updating motherboard chipset drivers something that applies to unraid, or Linux as a whole? And if so, how do I go about doing this in unraid?
  7. Does Dynamix System Temperature still not work with Ryzen APU's yet?
  8. My server crashed today, and when i restarted it DelugeVPN docker was just gone. I tried to reload the docker from Add Container > select a template > binnhex-delugevpn and i get an error message Error: failed to register layer: rename /var/lib/docker/image/btrfs/layerdb/tmp/write-set-892098440 /var/lib/docker/image/btrfs/layerdb/sha256/7a58580c00cb71299a3075ec8da5e0f417de5ed8d98983260b4aa8af9b99319c: file exists
  9. I booted into safe mode like you suggested (I did have to hard reboot), and started the array in maintenance mode so i could run the file system checks. It did find errors with my cache drive, so I let it fix those, stopped and started the array normally, and it worked. I just got done rebooting into OS normally, and everything is operational again!
  10. What would be the next course of action after rebooting into safe mode?
  11. Hello, I woke up this morning to find my server was unresponsive and the cache drive was reporting as full. Restarted the server and tried to manually run the mover and the server locked up again. Restarted and now its just stuck at Array Starting - Mounting disks. Its completely unresponsive to anything regarding the array, and I can't even initiate a reboot of stop array from the web gui to try and get into maintenance mode. Any help on what to do now?
  12. Does this version support CPU temperature monitoring with Ryzen APUs? (using dynamics system temp)
  13. So if I'm following this thread and script correctly, the end result would be: -Plug in external drive -UD mounts the device and executes the script -Script runs rsync to sync contents of the source share on the array to the destination share on the external -Script generates e-mail alert is generated when rsync is done saying complete or failed -UD unmounts the external drive (unless unmounts is disabled for testing?) -The external drive is ready to be disconnected And this would all be automated and logged? I'd really like this kind of functionality if what I'm thinking it does is correct. **EDIT: Actually, this looks like it's running rsync to copy from an external drive to somewhere else. So to have this do what I want, could I change the $destPath and $destFolder variables to $sourcePath and $sourceFolder and change lines 89 and 90 to say: echo "rsync -Carv $sourcePath/sourceFolder/ $mountPath/" >> $LOGFILE if rsync -Carv "$sourcePath/sourceFolder/" "$mountPath/"
  14. So I'm looking in to having a backup of my unRAID server. I use the server primarily as a PleX media server and from what I've researched, backing up all the media content is just unfeasible, but I would still like to be able to have a backup of the array configurations like the key, the dockers and plugins installed, where dockers are pointing, shares, etc. Basically, the goal is, in the case of a catastrophic failure, I'd like to be able to restore my unRAID configurations to a new array and not have to mess with reconfiguring all of my dockers and plugins. Is this type of solution possible, and If so, what would be essential files to back up to accomplish this?
  15. I'll give that a look. I've stumbled on something called hard links which is supposedly built into Sonarr/Radarr and is supposed to delete from the director deluge uses, but creates a link so deluge thinks the file is still there to keep seeding. I know this is starting to go outside the scope of deluge, but does this sound correct? It sounds like for current files, I won't be able to clear out the space AND keep seeding them, so you can't win them all, but it looks like good solutions for going forward.