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Network parental controls (time-based-access)

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Hi guys so I have been looking around for a solution to my current network setup, my current router (Netgear R6700 v2) doesn't really have any parental controls available from what I can tell. I am not really looking to block like porn sites or anything like that, more so I am trying to make it so my son can't get internet access past 21 or 2200 or so. I was hoping that I might find a docker container or something that I could run on my network. 


I recently was researching the fing box device which you basically just plug into your home network, it then scans the network for all devices, then you can choose devices in which to "pause" their internet access or set time specific rules. From my understanding based on this video

 it will send a whole bunch of like DHCP like instructions to the devices telling it basicly a fictitious gateway address.


If you guys could posibly help me out with this that would be awesome.


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