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xfering files between two unraid servers [solved]

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I'm setting up a 2nd unraid server and wanting to copy everything from some folders to one unraid server to another. Tried a few cp commands from the command line and cant get it to work. Was wondering if anyone know of a docker with a desktop UI that would let me do that easier vs command line?

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You can use Midnight Commander (mc) from terminal or you can try the Krusader docker container. I use Krusader but make sure you take the time to configure its template with your mount paths and of course, follow the Krusader setup guidelines. 



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You can also use the 'unassigned devices' plug in.   It will let you mount an SMB share, so basically its like mapping a network drive in Windows.  Be sure to launch unraid server#1 (the one with unassigned devices plugin) in GUI mode.  Make an SMB share on server#2, then go to server#1 and mount your new share.   Then in the bottom left corner you will find MC, Midnight commander.  It will happily copy files around from one machine to the next.

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