Virtualizing unRAID on Proxmox 6.0.4

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Having issues, I have following the post from Brnson, but I think I am missing something.


here are the steps I followed


On 7/30/2019 at 12:51 PM, Benson said:


Step almost the same, but I think best should be prepare unraid USB stick first then unplug it before prepare Proxmox.


Below are some detail


1. Unplug well prepare Unraid USB, best ( not must ) confirm it can boot in UEFI mode.

2. Install Proxmox to harddisk, make IOMMU enable.

3. Replug Unraid USB

4. Create VM




4a. Tweak ( Some step may not necessary )

- Click CD/DVD drive, remove it

- Click Hard Disk, detach and remove it




- Add phyical disk controller and physical Unraid USB stick







4b. Tweak

- Edit boot order, only retain CD-ROM  in boot device_1




That's all.


so the steps I have takes.  I have created a Test UNRAID USB pen drive. - all works with no issues with a 4TB Hard Drive for storage.

I then installed Proxmox onto a 1TB HD.

so far so good. 

then I followed Bensons steps and here is where the fun starts. I will post each step. in the hope someone will see my mistake.


First I check the I have IOMMU Groups



then I created the VM




I did't choose of OS as I was thinking that as I am passthrough my Unraid Pen drive, I will not need to set this up



working my way through











and it build OK then I when through and remvoe the CDROM and Added the Unraid Pen Drive.


when adding the PCI Controllor I am getting the following --  No Ideal How to resovlve this at the moment





then I confirm my boot order



but when I start my VM, then I am getting this 


TASK ERROR: KVM virtualisation configured, but not available. Either disable in VM configuration or enable in BIOS.


and here is my Hard Spec



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You try in new B450 platform


1st don't add PCIe device 18:00.0 it is groups 12 with other devices ( SATA controller ? If it is a controller which connect PVE harddisk then you can't passthrough it )

2nd don't add PCIe device 1f:00.0, it is groups 13, ( GPU ? )

3rd boot order change to CD-ROM as device_1, 2 & 3 set to none

4th you haven't show you add Unraid USB or not


Then check Unraid USB boot or not, if negative, screen dump VNC ( console ) and final VM profile and IOMMU device name.

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I know I did something silly.


thanks benson,

I have gone through and completed steps 1, 2 and 3.


I have also recheck my USB



and now when I run the VM, I am getting this error


Task viewer: VM/CT 100 - Console



VM 100 not running
TASK ERROR: Failed to run vncproxy.


my VM Set up.



bit confused, what do you mean by IOMMU device name

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** Pls reboot physical machine first, because you have passthrough the GPU **

After start the VM, click "hardware" tab then back to "console" tab again and check.


Pls also double check in BIOS, virtualisation already enable.



And, not relate the vncproxy error, pls remove EFI disk, and disable Network device's firewall .


3 hours ago, chris_netsmart said:

bit confused, what do you mean by IOMMU device name

Pls screen capture as below for ref. too


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VM can start, then remain booting issue, why "Unuses disk" & "Hard disk" still there ??


And don't know why showing  "USBest Technology ......" ( Unraid USB ? ) not found,  pls reconfirm the USB port haven't change. 



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17 minutes ago, chris_netsmart said:

and lastly can you confirm which IOMMU  I should choose

This will be last, you shoud success bootup Unraid USB first.

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9 minutes ago, chris_netsmart said:

ok tried setting the machine to I440FX - the same

when to BIOS to change to above suggestion, and saw this


If Unraid already config UEFI boot enable, that's it. You won't found my VM config need add EFI disk too.

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6 minutes ago, chris_netsmart said:

changed to SeaBios, and it looks like it is booting into Unraid ;-)

OK good, anyway you should take more care on all mention step, many uncessary fault.


Last, you just need passthrough the disk controller ( Unarid disk which connect, not include PVE disk ), but the controller must in standalone groups.

i.e. FCH SATA controller, it is standalone in group18 ( But I never try that succes or not )




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3 minutes ago, chris_netsmart said:

ok, so for example I will need to get my GeForce GTX into it's only group.

and also for any SATA controllors, like the on board ports


Yes, otherwise need tweak the iommu parameter as your URL link provide, GPU passthrough usually not easy.

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46 minutes ago, jaddel said:

How did you mange to force Proxmox to usb boot at first? 


The only workaround for me to boot Unraid at the moment is, hit esc during boot and manually select usb boot.

Found a solution:


Download Plop Boot loader:

Extract the .iso from the package. 

Upload it to Proxmox isos :


Add IDE CDROM to your VM with the iso.



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