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Bet this has been asked a thousand times before but ..... my sandisk 1GB ssd reports out temps up to 58degrees when it's being used. Is that too high and if so how do you guys keep them cool?  This one sits in the centre of the case, isn't being squeexed by any other drive and i wonder if there are any ways of cooling it down out there? Also, unRaid keeps flagging 'hot' error emails as the threshold on my disks sits at 45degrees for the other drives, all spinners. Possible to up this on an individual drive if this temp IS acceptable??


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Thanks, good to know. Wonder why there's no 'cooler' available for SSD drives. I'd buy one, just some finned stick on type of thing.

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As long as you're above 0c and under 70c (normal operating range for most SSDs), I wouldn't worry about it. You can check your devices product specifications to be sure (some can go to 100c, and -55 to 125+ is mil-spec).

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