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6.7.2 - Private tracker ratio building ... how are you guys doing it

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I'm trying to replicate a ratio building setup in my Unraid but I have some doubts.


Right now I have 2 separate dockers, one with Deluge and the other with rTorrent with ruTorrent


Deluge would be the racing client and ruTorrent the long term one.


Right now I have ruTorrent with autodl-irssi with some rules autodownloading .torrents files to a deluge watchfolder.

I would like to do 2 things:


  • I would like to directly push the torrents to Deluge to avoid delays and then check the announcer status with a script. I have a problem here: from the rTorrent docker I don't have deluge-console, so I don't know how to handle that.
  • I would like to move the finished torrents from Deluge to rTorrent for long term seeding after they are completed. The problems is similar to the one I wrote before: the two docker containers don't have the CLI commands of the other client available.

I was thinking of creating an Ubuntu VM to Install both, but I think being inside a VM would have performance impact maybe.

Does anybody here have a similar setup and can offer some help?

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You may consider posting in the docker support formus for each of the two. You'll probably find more torrent expertise there than in the general forum. You may also try looking at dedicated forums for the two clients for some tips and tricks.

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