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Hi folks, please see the updated support thread here:

I've now added a new template for Ferdium, the new fork that replaces Ferdi and will be archiving this template.


For a bit more background on the change:

Ferdi is a hard-fork of Franz, and Ferdium is a hard-fork of Ferdi. The Ferdium project was started after major issues arose with the primary Ferdi project owner (unfortunately, one person). Former Ferdi contributors were disrespected and left the project en masse in early 2022. During this time, the Ferdi social media accounts, GitHub organization and domains were also taken down multiple times by the owner. On June 11th, 2022, this same individual announced on Twitter: "There will be no further updates to Ferdi. Thanks to everyone for the wild ride!". Thus, Ferdium rose from the ashes of Ferdi and now seeks to fill the void left by Ferdi and reorient the project back towards its community-oriented, open-source beginnings.


You should be able to export your existing Ferdi account information and import it into Ferdium without any trouble. Cheers!


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