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I use OpenVPN on PFsense to access my shares at home while I am away.  But, the shares do not ask for authentication (user name and password) like they do when I am on my LAN at home.  I have a VPN username and password that logs me in but that username and password is not setup in UnRaid.  I thought it would ask me for my username and password to access my shares.  Is the security issue on the VPN side or UnRaid side, or do I have a lack of understanding of how shares work on a VPN?

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I guess the login username and password on the computer that are running the OpenVPN client must be the same as the username and passwod  on your UNRAID, otherwise this wouldn't/shouldn't work without you being asked for credetials.

Or if you were prompted for credetials the first time you accessed yoor UNRAID on the OpenVPN connected computer and selected to save the credentials, then you would not get prompted again. 

The OpenVPN tunnel username and password doesn't have anythig to do with this. 

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On 12/4/2019 at 10:53 AM, lucy said:

Are there any other settings to configure on the server/firewall in order for the network drives to just connect like they would internally through the vpn?

If there is a firewall setup to only allow connections from your local LAN you must also allow the devices from the remote LAN to connect.

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