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  1. Also, is it possible to get readings via SNMP from the UNRAID apcupsd ?
  2. Thanks, I found this guide on how to do it, and I installed it on my Openmediavault backup-NAS, it works great! https://www.pontikis.net/blog/apc-ups-master-slave-setup-apcupsd
  3. You mean here? http://www.apcupsd.org/manual/
  4. And also is it possible to set up APC UPS daemon to be able to control other servers to shut them down too in the event of power loss?
  5. Hi, I just installed my new UPS, APC Back-UPS 1400VA (BX1400UI), and was suprised how low the power consumption of my system is. Does this seem resonable for the system in my signature, the system is more or less idle, just a few seeding torrents reading from the array, but all disks are spun up?
  6. If there is a firewall setup to only allow connections from your local LAN you must also allow the devices from the remote LAN to connect.
  7. Yes, that is possible. And if you only want to connect one computer to your unraid server you don't even need to use a switch.
  8. Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to get Disk free for the whole array? I get disk free for each individual disk in the array I tried t clone one of the other Disk Free sensors and edit the mount point to /mnt/user, but it won't work This is what the sensors for my UNRAID looks like: Any ideas?
  9. Well, you can select which disk(s) each share should use, and if you want the disk(s) to be filled one after another you can use fill-up allocation method.
  10. How do you mean it's unresponsive, do you have a monitor ans keyboard connected, and can't even access the console?
  11. I got a old Nexus Edge case that I don't use anymore, it has 9x5.25" which could turn into 15x3.5". And then it has another 9x3.5" internally. Maybe that case could work?
  12. Ah, ok. Then we're neighbours, I'm from Sweden. I get much of my stuff from GG Serverparts here in Sweden, and here is the board I'm using: https://ggsp.se/supermicro/4642-supermicro-x10slm--ln4f.html , I don't know if they ship outside of Sweden, but it never hurts to ask if they do?
  13. Why don't you go for a more server oriented motherboard, perhaps with 4 onboard nics, and also IPMI. I have a two servers using Supermicro x10slm+-ln4f that I bought second hand, yes they are a bit old, but nice boards. They run Xeon E3-12xx v3 CPU and max 32GB DDR3. And usually your VPN service provider have guides on how to set up the VPN client in pfSense.
  14. Hi, Is it possible to sort the user names on the "Users" dashboard panel, they seems to be listed in the order they were added. But wouldn't it be more logical if they were sorted alphabetically, as they are sorted under Settings -> Users?
  15. Why not install for instance a pfSense VM, then you have a router with built in OpenVPN server, and client that you connect to your OpneVPN service provider.