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  1. Here are a couple of images for my Unraid using Fractal Arc Mini R2, with Evercool Armour drive bay:
  2. I'm not sure there are any issues with the NUT plugin, many peaple uses it. Personally I prefer APCUPSD, but mainly works on APC UPS models.
  3. If you can't read the flash content from unraid, I guess you have a issue there, have you tried it in another USB port. But I'm not really sure how unraid reacts when you unplug an plug the flash drive again while running, maybe Unraid need to be rebooted for the flash drive to be detected?
  4. What do yo umean by "disk 2 cannot be displayed in the disk selection in the sharing"?
  5. Do you have any flash drive backups, I always try to do that once a moth or whenever I do config changes?
  6. It would be great if /mnt/user and/or /mnt/user0 also was reported over SMNP, is that possible to fix?
  7. Is it possible for Unraid to show the size and free disk size of entire array over SNMP, instead of just showing the individual disks? This is what it looks like using Observium:
  8. Ok, that seems like a smart strategy. For my 10TB WD My Book it takes about 56 hours for each pass (pre-read, zeroing and post-read), so two passes might be more than enough. Ana I have also thought about having a cold spare at hand, maybe not a bad idea.
  9. Do you guys use the preclar plugin, and if so, how many passes do you run before adding a new drive to the array? In my Unraid I currently use six 10TB WB My Book, and the seventh is currently preclearing. I do two preclear passes before I shuck the drive, and then I do one pass after I installed the drive internally. When I do the first preclear passes while the drive is still in the USB case I use a fan on top of the case for cooling, and the temperature stays below 35°C.
  10. No, my drives are 5400rpm, they are WD White (WDC WD100EZAZ-11TDBA0) shucked from WD My Book. I guess there is more to it than just the rotation speed of the drives, and the main factor probably is as itimpi said that the larger capacity the drive have the higher the desnsity of the drive is, and therefore it reads/writes more data per revolution, and then I imagine the disk controller have something to do with it too?
  11. In my Unraid I use all 10TB WD White (WDC WD100EZAZ-11TDBA0), I have one parity and five data disks so far. With my setup parity check speed is usually about 150MB/s, yesterday when it last ran it looked likethis: Duration: 18 hours, 50 minutes, 32 seconds. Average speed: 147.4 MB/s
  12. gberg


    Yes, this would be really nice to see.
  13. No, no unclean shutdowns. And yes I'm still on 6.8.3, isn't that the latest stable version? This is wh at the setting for my Parity Check Tuning looks like, I notice the remark in the "Resume running Array operations on next array start:" seting where it says "Your Unraid release is too old to use this option", seams a bit odd when I'm on the latest stable realease?
  14. I would also like to see this, but it seems Unraid is a bit limited on what's showing via SNMP, for instance it doesn't show any information about the HDD:s like serial numbers and temperatures. I have attached two screenshots from my Observium server, the first one shows what my Unraid NAS reports and the second shows what a Qnap NAS is reporting. My Unraid shows alot of stuff taken from Supermicro IPMI, but nothing seems to be rported regarding the HDD:s