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  1. No ideas, it's not a very powerful CPU, but should it be this bad?
  2. Hi, Is it normal to have really high CPU utilization when copying files from one share to another? I'm on a Windows computer on the network and copy files from one share to another on my Unraid NAS, and thins is what the CPU utilizaton looks like:
  3. Well, you can run pfSense without AES-NI, but AES-NI sure will help, specially if you're running VPN:s
  4. No, AES-NI is a imoproved version of AES, NI stands for New Instructions
  5. I would also like to see this, perhaps there is a plugin that can do this?
  6. I'm planing to ad a new larger parity drive to my array. Today I have all 10TB drives one parity drive and six data drives, and I plan to add a new 18TB parity to be able to swap my existing data drives to larger ones in the future, and after the pari check is don I'll add the old parity drive as a data drive. My question is how will the parity check work when the th parity drive is 18TB, will it do a 18TB parity check taking almost twice the time as previous even thoght the data drives are only 10TB, or will it do a 10TB parity check untill I actually add a larger data drive?
  7. Earlaier I bought WD Mybooks beacuse they were the cheapest alternative, but now they are not. I'm thinking about getting Seagate Exos X18 18TB which are about the same price/TB as I payed for the 10TB WD My Books.
  8. No, I don't currently use it, but I'm planning on add a new lager Parity drive as I'm running out of drive bays. But what would the Parity Check Tuning plugin do, I mean it can't make the disk faster?
  9. Anyone using 18TB parity drive,if so, how long does it take to complete? For me using 10TB parity drive the parity check usually takes takes about 19 hours and 30 minutes if there is not too much disk actvity during the check.
  10. I have 7 shucked WD Mybook 10TB white drives running in my unraid, the oldest oldest 4 of them are just over two years old now and running just fine, and the newest one have been running for about 6 months. How long have you had yours running, and how long do you think one can expect them to last?
  11. Here are a couple of images for my Unraid using Fractal Arc Mini R2, with Evercool Armour drive bay:
  12. I'm not sure there are any issues with the NUT plugin, many peaple uses it. Personally I prefer APCUPSD, but mainly works on APC UPS models.
  13. If you can't read the flash content from unraid, I guess you have a issue there, have you tried it in another USB port. But I'm not really sure how unraid reacts when you unplug an plug the flash drive again while running, maybe Unraid need to be rebooted for the flash drive to be detected?