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Hi, I have posted around a week ago and I don't see my post but I do see later posts. Also I didn't get any feedback on what happened to it, how does this moderator system work? Will I get a notification when my post gets approved or rejected? 


Thanks, Hernan

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According to your profile, you joined 3 years ago. That would have been before our current forum software. Not sure when we began requiring approval of first posts to keep out the spammers but it may have been around then. If you never posted then you weren't approved for posting.


I don't see any other posts from this account. Were you using another when you posted a week ago? Do you mean you see later posts from another account you used, or do you just mean later posts by other users? We are a very active forum and probably have 100 or more new posts every day.


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I see you have a sig left over from before. You may not be seeing it because unfortunately the default in this forum software is to not display sigs. You can enable viewing of sigs by clicking on the dropdown next to your user name in the upper right, and selecting Account Settings. You can also update your sig there, looks like it probably needs updating since it says you are on V6.2. If that really is the version you are using then you need to update your server.

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