Encrypted USB-Stick for Unraid OS


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Hello guys, i was wondering about the security of my unraid Server. So i have an encrypted Array, everything looks beautiful but then at night. Something crawles inside my head. Is the UnraidOS Bootstick also encrypted ? So i get up and looked for the stick. And then i was shocked. No it wasn't encrypted it wouldn't work if the stick was encrypted. Bcz otherwise you have to type in the key on every boot up like on veracrypt. So i was looking for a solution. Bcz i don't really can remember what passwords i have given some of my apps that are installed on my unraid server and they'r config files are inside the unencrypted Bootstick. So i started to search on that usb stick. And there i found a config file with my password used for encrypting the server in plaintext, i was shocked. So i was looking for a drive with hardware encryption even when i have to type in my password / digits on an hardware USB Drive on every boot i'm willing to take it. You guys have experience in hardware encrypted USB Sticks ?


EDIT: Or is it possible to encrypt the UnraidOS Bootstick with Veracrypt ?

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