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  1. Thank you for the support, so i have up and running the second server already with another stick. so if i understand you right, then all i have to do is. Transfer the new config from the "Trail Stick" to the "Licensed Stick" ?
  2. Hi everyone, can you tell me how i can swap my license to a new Stick / Server ? I was looking for an how-to guide but all i found is for replacement of the USB Stick.
  3. Same problem here, i have 24TB to transfer to my "new" Unraid Server Bonding with 2x GBit RJ45 to 2x GBit RJ45 maximum Transferspeed is 45 - 62 megabyte per Sec.
  4. Hi, i expierence some strange slow transfert speeds on my unraid server. I'm moving from an old Server to a complete new Server with new Drives and "new" Hardware. Now i have up and running Bonding on both Servers and the Switch with Trunked LACP. But the maximum Transferspeed i see on Binhex/Krusader is about 450mbit - 620, mbit per Sec. I have almost 24 TB of Storage on the old Server i will die on senility before the transfare is completed. You have any suggestions for me ? i mean at least 1000mbit per sec is slow enough. But this really is costing me 3 days extra for transfering files. By the way, the smallest files are around 10 GB so no bottleneck there. For transfering small files.
  5. I have the issue that i have Multiple Movie Galleries now. I have deletet them but after restarting binhex-Plex Pass they come back. Any suggestions for me ? I think the Database is the Mainproblem bcz i have 1400 Movies in it. Also i have bad expierence with creating a New Database "Movies" or especially when i try to switch the Agents "crawler" inside Plex Pass.
  6. It's finally fixed. Your suggestion with the HBA's Firmware was right. Now after flashing all 3 Raid Controllers to the newest Firmware Fixed the Random Crashes of the Server. How can i thank you ? This was really anoying B$ since the beginning.
  7. @ Upgraded all 3 Raid Controller FW to 20.00.07 with Nvidia 14.00.01 or so i think latest version. Crashes Random after 11 hour Parity Check, and 2 Hours normal usage... I'll try to log the Server now with the external LOG Server. But still have no clue.
  8. Hello guys, i experiencing a type of problem, i never seen before. I have an Unraid Server with Supermicro X8DT3 Board (Socket 1366) Dual CPU Xeon X5680 48GB of DDR3 ECC Ram. 14 HDDs with 3 TB each. I get crashes with the Server around every 30 minutes, after i startet the Server when its freshly started, but not frequently it only apears every 2 - 3 times i start the Server. When it don't crash it can run 3 Days to 1 Week without any problems. You have ANY kind of help for me ? I have also the problem that when the Server crashes in the LOG of Unraid nothing can be found bcz it crashes so hard that not even a LOG existing. Maybe i'm not enough into Unraid to know where to find ALL Logs and where to look at. But it's really frustrating. EDIT: What i can see now after the reboot is, that the CRC Error Count on 2 Drives rushes up to 400 - 600, i already have replaced all the SATA Cables. EDIT2: Memtest already done 3x Times. No Erros or Failures.
  9. Hello guys, i was wondering about the security of my unraid Server. So i have an encrypted Array, everything looks beautiful but then at night. Something crawles inside my head. Is the UnraidOS Bootstick also encrypted ? So i get up and looked for the stick. And then i was shocked. No it wasn't encrypted it wouldn't work if the stick was encrypted. Bcz otherwise you have to type in the key on every boot up like on veracrypt. So i was looking for a solution. Bcz i don't really can remember what passwords i have given some of my apps that are installed on my unraid server and they'r config files are inside the unencrypted Bootstick. So i started to search on that usb stick. And there i found a config file with my password used for encrypting the server in plaintext, i was shocked. So i was looking for a drive with hardware encryption even when i have to type in my password / digits on an hardware USB Drive on every boot i'm willing to take it. You guys have experience in hardware encrypted USB Sticks ? EDIT: Or is it possible to encrypt the UnraidOS Bootstick with Veracrypt ?
  10. Hi, thank you for your awsome docker container, it works really well right out of the box. But i have to wonder where i can add scripts to the docker ? Is there some type of folder or something where i have to put them in ? In my case i have problems on extraction with 7zip bcz it won't find the password inside the filename so i researched and found a script that will fix that issue. you have any idea how i can implement this or how i can it get to work right out of the box ?
  11. Hi guys, is it possible to use the jdownloader docker with ovpn_privoxy ? And if so, how do you have to configure it to work ? Or directly with openvpn-client
  12. Sorry guys, but i can't find the boot folder for the ovpn File as described in the first post. On my unraid Server the only boot folder is on flash/EFI-/boot
  13. Hello Guys, i have problem with one of my Drives. I think the Cables are bad. So i replaced them with new ones. Now i see in the Maintenance Mode that the Drive where the Problem is, still is marked as "Device is Disabled" (i can click to spin it up) when i do so. It will not come online again. Do i have to rebuild the drive or is the drive broken now ? You have a suggestion what the next steps are to bring the drive back up online or to verify that the drive is bad ? Thank you for your help
  14. You need to re-create the full library, in my case the users where still there. but ofc bcz of the lose of the library you will have to assign the new librarys to the users again.