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Hello when i click on the get trial key it takes me to the start trial window - but the start trial is not clickable, the eula/privacy policy are readable and i am on the net, as i can surf the web or click on the buy and it will take me to the buy section. But i would like a 30 day trial.


is the get trial not working with the latest 6.8.0



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I'm an absolute newbie with unRAID, I would like to give it a try and if the result is as satisfying as expected, I will purchase a key...

But the problem is that I can't even get a trial key: on the registration page, I see that I have all the required information (Flash Vendor, Flash Product, Flash GUID), I checked that my server time is accurate, and that the DNS server is specified as intended. But clicking on the "GET TRIAL KEY" doesn't do anything.

What is the procedure to get that trial key ?



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Yeap. Firefox, and Vivaldi (Chrome based). I disabled the ad-blockers. I'm on Linux BTW (ArcoLinux). Same result in both.

After the first click, something seems to happen: there is an URL appearing very, very quickly at the bottom of the screen, but it's so fast that I can't even read it. On the next clicks, no reaction at all.

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@GoustiFruit Check your AdBlock Lists (I guess pihole). For me there was an Microsoft Server blocked used by unraid to check network connectivity and prevented me to update Unraid. I had to whitelist "". Maybe the process to activate Unraid uses the same server for checks.

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It could also have been "hblock" on ArcoLinux, with which I already had problems in the past, but I don't use it anymore, so... I'm using my desktop browsers, with AdGuard AdBlocker extension. With a lot of extra-lists. So yes, maybe some exotic list was causing the itch.

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