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  1. To add the unique identifier is showing fine, just the vendor is not. TOM Any ideas?
  2. Hello when i click on the get trial key it takes me to the start trial window - but the start trial is not clickable, the eula/privacy policy are readable and i am on the net, as i can surf the web or click on the buy and it will take me to the buy section. But i would like a 30 day trial. is the get trial not working with the latest 6.8.0
  3. thanks that was it... you the man
  4. Hello running stable 6.6.6 PRO with a total of 21 disks. I recently added a bigger parity drive to my array and while running a parity check, i precleared the original parity drive. after the parity check was done i rebooted the server and wanted to add a new share to disk 20 , when i am in the add share screen i add the typical items , name etc and i wanted to designate the share to disk 20 under (included disks) when i drop down the included disks the menu only shows 16 disks, Disks 17-18-19-20 are part of the array. What am i missing or is this a bug in 6.6.6
  5. A new 4gb drive worked multiple times from shutdowns to restarts with no issues, have an email into Tom for the process to retire my 8year old flash drive.... thanks
  6. Once you get the files on the server you can use MC (Midnight Commander) to move files within the server without the overhead of windows machine, - see this article about MC - https://wiki.unraid.net/index.php/Transferring_Files_Within_the_unRAID_Server
  7. Since your cache drive is only 250g and your moving huge files, you would be better off to move your files direct to the 8TB actual drives. The Cache will work with big files but it takes time and IMO is meant for lots of smaller files..... I Assume your transferring from a windows PC to your server Teracopy works good for transferring lots of files to cache or direct to other drives. hope this helps.
  8. Server stuck on Bzimage on startup - Have noticed this anomaly for awhile when rebooting after an OS upgrade, I cringe when rebooting as it takes 3 or more hard resets to finally get past this error. Sometimes the cursor dots will loading go half way or 3/4 then then it stops or freezes. Just upgraded the server tp 6.6.1 this morning and it took 5 resets before it got past the freezing at the Bzimage. I have noticed this with multiple versions of Unraid going back to the 5x. Could it be my Kingston thumbdrive? I have posted my diagnostics - please advise as this is pretty annoyin
  9. Hello what forum would i post in for an issue with this latest version? Probably self induced but need help with my friends server.
  10. WOW checked into Backblaze 50tb =3k year - I dont think so :(
  11. Quick question - is Crashplan Pro still a good deal for the $10 month - $120 year? Not really other options with docker for Unraid? Thanks in advance!
  12. Now i recall that's all i need to do on a MB swap...Took a screenshot of the disk identification, going to swap the components...
  13. Thanks kind of what i thought more cores and ram - other than taking a screen shot of the main window for disk identification before moving over the drives etc do you recommend any other tasks before swapping over to the new machine?