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Hi All,


I'm wanting to change my default route in Unraid, but obviously using cli it will revert after a restart.

I thought that adding a metric would change this but I've tried setting the below metrics and opposing the metrics with no luck.

Some background on my interfaces:

eth0: bonding = disabled, bridging = enabled, metric = 1 - bond name = br0

eth1: bonding = disabled, bridging = enabled, metric = 2 - bond name = br1

eth2: bonding = disabled, bridging = enabled, metric = 3 - bond name = br2


eth0 is my mobo interface and the others are a pcie dual port card.

All interfaces have a static ip.


My questions:

How can I force my default route gateway to br0 rather than br2?

Do metrics actually do anything?

Also, how can I isolate my host web access to a single interface?


Any help appreciated 🙂 I've tried everything I can think of.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 5.52.03 PM.png

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So I just ran into this issue, again.  I have docker set up on 1 network, and the rest of the things in my house set up on another.  And somehow, Unraid decided that using BR2 was best to get to the didn't work.  


In order to fix the issue I changed the metric for BR2 and associated Eth2 to be 5 and set BR0 and Eth1 to be 1.  Now I can reach out to the internet again.

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The reason for 3 interfaces on the same subnet was to minimise latency and have some access control of web, docker, and pihole. Each on a different interface.
I actually gave up on this idea shortly after my post and since 6.8.3, started using custom br0. Will also be looking at a 10gb adapter in the near future.

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