Network br0 not exists after restart


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HEllo i have a problem.

Everytime my unraid server starts, the network interface br0 is missing and therefore the docker container wouldn't start.


I have to manually add them everytime - after this everythings works correct.


But the problem is if the server starts because of a long power interruption - no containter is started.


How to fix this?

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Your system doesn't get a proper IP address assigned when starting up.

The reason is the interface goes down while inquiring for an IP address.

This prevents docker from assigning br0 as valid network


Disable "bonding" in your network configuration and retest.


It is also recommended to update to Unraid 6.8.2

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20 hours ago, costianuv said:

What if this machine is running pfSense in a VM. (it's normat that it does not have an IP at startup)

Not normal. I run pfSense as a VM, and don't have any of the listed issues.


Running your gateway as a VM can cause issues, but not if you have things configured to account for them. In my case, Unraid has a 10GB interface with a fixed IP connected to the main switch, and the pfSense VM has 2 1GB connections passed through, the WAN assigned interface connected to the modem, the LAN assigned interface connected to the same switch as the 10GB. Other than not having DNS and WAN connectivity until the VM is running, Unraid handles it just fine.

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2 hours ago, costianuv said:

Ah. I see. That did the trick! Had DHCP assignment burned into my mind as the only viable way to get an IP. 😅

Thank you!

It's the best way, preferably with static assignments handed out by the router's DHCP service. That way you only have a single place to update things to manage your IP's. However, when the DHCP service is managed by a VM, you are forced into setting it on the host manually. I still have the assignment in the router's DHCP table, as I keep a standalone PC ready to take over the pfSense duties if the server ever needs more than a few minutes downtime. Keeping 2 pfSense instances synced is easy.

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