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On 4/10/2020 at 11:51 AM, meep said:

Enjoyed that a lot, and now I have yet another podcast/chat channel to while away the hours with as I explore the guys back catalog.


@jonpOne point: I have encountered exactly the same issue as Mike described with a multi-drive BTRFS cache setup. A hard reset would corrupt the whole cache and no amount of scrubbing or recovery would bring it back. I've downgraded to a single cache with XFS as it was just too unreliable.


Looking forward to multiple pools! Now, I'm off to do some tweeting to try to win one of those case badges.....


Though not as extreme as this in a couple of years I have also experienced three times failure with btrfs.. corruption of some kind that could not be fixed.. Had to reformat the whole system.. Last time I just formatted in XFS.. Works fine..

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