Unraid 6.8.3 - Pass USB Webcam into docker


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Hey printer friends, I have another update.


Took on the upgrade octoprint task while maintaining webcam. It was rather easy. I deleted the nunofgs docker for octoprint.

I searched community apps for octoprint, selected the docker hub images, found the octoprint/octoprint official docker image. I installed it and configured the template you see in the image attached. I have not figured out how to submit a template to community apps, so for now this should do. I'm not sure 100% if anything might be missing or need a tweak. Let me know how you make out.


Note: i did use pretty much all the same values as before. I used the same config folder as the old one. It accepted the configs and everything came right up and all I had to do was create an account. Plugins were all blown away. So you will have to reload all those.

octoprint docker template.png

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Also to note, I struggled for longest time getting printer to show up in Octoprint, due to copying earlier non-official template and forum information of using the serial by-id and then thinking it was dev/usb/{bus and device #} --- this did not work for me. In my case the correct printer usb device location was: /dev/ttyACM0   


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Yes ill have to update that document i guess or the post i had forgotten about it. The new way is using a plugin called: DVB Driver. It is really simply to use. Main thing to note is that after upgrading unraid to a new version you have to give the plugin time as it will detect the upgraded kernel and download the updated DVB drivers and install them before you reboot. It does put up some notifications in the top right of the gui to let you know its doing this and also when it is completed and you are ready to restart.

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