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FTP over SSH - Docker or VM?

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Current setup:


[WAN]---[dedicated Untangle FW Machine]---[LAN]---[UNRAID NAS]


Q: I'd like to setup a FTP server over SSH (SFTP) on the UNRAID NAS, to store webserver backups every night. My NAS has 32GB RAM and 6 core AMD RYZEN 5 3600. I was not sure whether it's "better" to spin up a little Ubuntu VM and run a FTP server with a dedicated share or rather use a docker container. Are there any massive pros or cons that you can think of, beyond the ones I list below?

My Untangle Firewall would map a custom SFTP port to port 22 of the VM/Docker



- setting up a few users (4-5) for different FTP projects

- each user can only access their own folder

- key-based authentication for some, password for others


UBUNTU VM (or other distro like XUBUNTU)

+ GUI - based, easy to manage

+ unattended upgrades ensure safety

+ UFW could be another layer of protection

+ fail2ban easy to configure

+ isolation with only access to one shared folder

+ could be used for other purposes

+ easy to establish bandwidth limitations if need be

+ maybe a little simpler to set up KEY authentication for less experienced user

- needs more resources than docker



+ needs fewer resources

+ dedicated to one task and one task only

+ isolation with only access to one shared folder

- much more command-line

- I've got less experience with Docker and security implications


Any other thoughts or considerations? Thanks everyone!




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Wow. I think I may have posted this in the wrong forum category? 0 replies, thoughts, comments. mmm.

I've actually posted this with the guys at UNTANGLE as I felt network-related stuff may be best suited there. Am currently stuck as my Windows Server 2019 VM won't accept any incoming connections despite port forwarding and lot (!) of troubleshooting. I'll cross-reference the two posts once I find a solution, in case anybody stumbles across my post in the future and has the same challenge..

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