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I have a share which I exclude it from using DISK#2. everything works as expected. but when I set cache use to YES to speed up writing , I noticed that after running mover  after moving files to that share using binhex-krusader it starts using  DISK2.

What could be wrong ?

I have two NVMe 1Tb in raid 1 as  CACHE


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You should provide your system diagnostics zip file (obtained via Tools >> Diagnostics) attached to your next post do we can get a better idea of your setup.


my guess is that you have a value for the Split Level setting for a share that has existing content on Disk 2 that is forcing Unraid  to continue trying to use the drive, but without the diagnostics and the path for the files you do not want to go to disk 2 that is pure speculation.    In the event of contention between the various share settings for selecting a drive then Split Level always wins.

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I am not sure if this applies to you but the only time I have seen this is when I tried to move appdata off the array to the cache.  If the data is being used by VMs or dockers it will not allow mover to move the data in that instance.  If this is the case disable docker and VMs and then run the mover.   After mover is done enable dockers and VMs.

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On 5/26/2020 at 5:50 PM, hamad said:

moving files

The way that any OS works (Windows, MacOS, Linux / unRaid, and the OS within the Krusader App) is that when moving files it first attempts to do a rename to move it, and if that fails then it will do a copy / replace


Basically, any move (rename) will succeed within the same mount point.  This means that the file stays put on the same disk.


IE:  Odds on you've passed through a mapping of /UNRAID mapped to /mnt/user


Any move within /UNRAID will result in the system simply renaming the file (because all the individual shares are all within the same mountpoint of /UNRAID).  Quite normal, to be expected, and will affect every OS ever made


If you want to use Krusader to move files from one disk to another then you have to instead mount /UNRAID mapped to /mnt and then move from diskX to diskY   BUT, beware that under certain circumstances (moving from diskX to /mnt/user/share or vice versa) you can corrupt the files


To be honest, the simplest and fastest way to move between shares is simply via Windows Explorer and cutting / pasting.  It is just as fast as using Krusader (the files never actually traverse the network) and will respect the include / exclude settings because you are moving between different mount points (each network share is a separate mount point)

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