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  1. When I hover the mouse over the icon it says "Excute Script as udev simulating a device being installed" and when I click on it I got a message window with "/tmp/unassigned.devices/scripts/TDAS_RAID5-part1.sh 2>&1" I do not understand what are these, and why I got this icon on this partition only.. all other devices and partitions have a "check mark" icon on them do I did something wrong in here..
  2. I have a DAS device Terra-master (D5-300) connected by a usb-c to my unraid through unassigned devices its an raid 5 with two btrfs-luks partitions and can be accessed just fine. the problem is that when I start a file transfer to the DAS and after some times ( ~ 1 hour) all the DAS's HDs LED and FANS goes OFF ( as it goes to sleep mode) while the files transfer continues normally, which leads to temperature rise of the HDs due to FANS are off. I already contacted manufacturer and after some emails back and forth they confirm that the device is absolutely fine ! so I start to think it may be some settings not right within unassigned devices that trigger this issue. I have also noticed an icon next to the first partition which I am not sure what it is (see screenshot) any help is appreciated
  3. Yup.. it was the culprit.. system still running without an issue after disabling that plugin.
  4. I have Dynamix S3 Sleep plugin left enabled (but never worked before as intended on 6.83).. So I disable it now and will see if it has anything to do with the issue
  5. I got the same issue, after running the server for less than an hour , it turns off or suspend and when I hit the start button it starts but nothing running. I had to cold restart. here is what happen in the log: Mar 6 04:37:26 Tower kernel: PM: suspend entry (deep) Mar 6 04:37:26 Tower kernel: Filesystems sync: 0.000 seconds
  6. Ok, I downgraded to 6.8.3 and every thing back to normal. so what is wrong with my cache in 6.9 How can I upgrade to 6.9 then ? thanks
  7. I have the same issue.. no more Docker or VM after upgrading. I have two cache NVME drives (btrfs) mirrored and both now tagged as "Unmountable: No file system" please help tower-diagnostics-20210304-2214.zip
  8. I did that already. but files still exists in destination. also I got some errors as in attached capture.
  9. LuckyBackup actually problem partially solved.. it was my mistake that I choosed the Synch not backup under (Type) but still have a problem of not deleting files that exist in destination but not in source. my need is to (one way sync) source to destination so that any change in source (add-delete) will be reflected to destination. thanks for fast reply
  10. I do not know if this is a bug or just me missing something. I am trying to sync my share to external drive ( using unassigned devices ) , I unchecked the option ( skip newer destination files ) in COMMAND OPTIONS cause I need an exact replication. but as soon as I click Okay the option got checked again by it self ! Also the option ( Delete files on the destination ) is grayed out and can not be selected.
  11. Well.. actually I found that the problem happened after moving some files between shares using binhex-krusader not "MOVER". here is the Diagnose zip. tower-diagnostics-20200601-1637.zip
  12. I have a share which I exclude it from using DISK#2. everything works as expected. but when I set cache use to YES to speed up writing , I noticed that after running mover after moving files to that share using binhex-krusader it starts using DISK2. What could be wrong ? I have two NVMe 1Tb in raid 1 as CACHE thanks
  13. I have a share with [cashe use set to YES] as well as exclude it to use DISK#2 I noticed that after running mover it uses DISK2. What could be wrong ? thanks