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VirtIO Drivers for a Windows 10 VM

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Hi guys I need some help with a win10 vm i created and I followed the link stating how to do the VirtIO drivers.


I tried to do it two different ways:

1. When the dialog appears to select the disk to install windows on...there I selected the viostor folder and it loaded the driver for the disk.

Then when win10 was loaded I went into the device manager and noticed 4 items unknown.

I did the install inf file method as mentioned - right click on inf and install

- Using Windows File Explorer, navigate to the VirtIO virtual cd-rom to browse its contents.

- Navigate inside the Balloon folder.

- Navigate to the subfolder named after your Windows OS version (e.g. w8.1)

- Navigate to the amd64 subfolder

- Right-click on the balloon.inf file inside and click Install from the context menu (you may need to enable viewing of file extensions to do this)

- Repeat the above process for each of the following folders:




2. As another attempt at installing win10 - at that dialog inside the windows install process where you decide where to install win10 on what drive, I did all these steps also mentioned also there. Was not very intuitive and did not display "Baloon installed" or "Network card" installed. It just reverted back to the empty dialog where you decide what disk to install win10 on ....until i got to the viostor inf and it picked up the disk controller and the win10 install continued.


With Both the above methods:

When win10 install completed and i went to the device manager it displayed a Unkown device under Other devices.

I cant get this resolved.


Any ideas?





When you go to the Properties of the device and Details tab and select Hardware Ids the following is presented




Maybe fixed it with below post? Will see...



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15 hours ago, righardt.marais said:

I tried to do it two different ways:

You don't have to install the inf files manually. During the windows install only point to the viostor drivers as you said for the disk to show up. After the you have installed windows, go to the device manager, right click each device with missing drivers and simply point to the virtio iso and tick the box for also search the subfolders and it will find the depending drivers.

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