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First Start in Maintenance Mode and Preclear Question

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Hey, So i started a new array for the first time and i started it in Maintenance mode initally and not the normal mode, i have no idea why. It showed the Parity drive as invalid and green check on the data drive. I searched online and i read that it is because it is currently doing a preclear? so i am waiting, its a 14tb wd elements white label drive. Its been a day (24hrs + 40minutes) and in still shows up like that.

Was it just idling the whole time? do i have to start the array in normal mode and not maintenance mode for it to actually preclear? or should i wait longer for it...? i thought it was doing somethign because its temp was higher than the other drive thats why i waited but it seems like thats not it? is there a way to check if preclear is actually being performed right now or is some sort of percentage value i can find?

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Are you sure you are trying to do a pre-clear?   This should not be allowed on a drive that has been assigned to the array regardless of the mode that it is running in.


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Starting the array in maintenance mode won't auto-start the initial parity sync, you need to press the "Sync" button next to array start/stop buttons, or better yet, stop the array and re-start it in normal mode, parity sync will auto-start.

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