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Michelle Bausager

VM disk locations and 'Mover' (Solved)

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Hallo, I hope everyone is well in this ill times 😄


I have a few questions regarding Virtuel-Machines in UNRAID.

I have a VM(Linux) on my UNARID server, with a GTX970 passed through. But my questions lay upon the vdisk and disks itselfs.



My share folder "domains" is sat to 'Perfer' to use the cache(domains.png). Which after my understanding means it tries to pin the vdisks to the cache.

But my chace is quite small, at 120GB, so when i made the VM, I took note of the "Primary vDisk Location", where I choose a Disk (In my case, Disk 2).

I then noticed after I made the VM, every time the "Mover" is invoked, it fills the cache, until it's full(In my case when there's 5GB left), and then deletes the files.

It's like it copies the Vdisks to the cache, and when it's filled, it just deletes it?

Is there anyway to solve that problem?


My VM at the moment is a temporary solution, I have a M.2/NVME to SATA adapter on the way, and when it arrives, my plan is to establish an 'Unassigned Devices' with the NVME SSD, and more permanent VM on it. But I'm pretty sure that the problem as decribed above, will occur again.


I might be an idiot and need to change the 'domains' settings or something simply as that, I just find it odd, that you can specify the VM's storage, but the 'Mover' prioritises the Share-settings first, and then the VM-settings, if that makes any sence to you.


Thank you for the read, I hope some of you have some anwser to my questions, and have the time to help my out 😄


Best Regerds Michelle :)


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1 hour ago, Michelle Bausager said:

My share folder "domains" is sat to 'Perfer' to use the cache

In your specific use case you need to set domains to cache : no instead of prefer. When you get a larger cache drive and want new VM's to live on the cache, change it to cache : only.


I know it's confusing, but those two settings are the only ones that tells mover not to mess with your domains share. prefer and yes both engage the mover.

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