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  1. Okay I shifted to 'NginxProxyManager' and now the url points to: But I still get a 'Error when trying to connect (Bad healthcheck status)✖'
  2. Hmm I get into, what I presume is SWAGs default page. Again I'm not sure if the config file is configured correct, but in my lack of wisedom, I have a hard time finding resources about how it should be configered. I don't know if that's your cup of tea, @Siwat2545 or if I should post somthing in the SWAG community? As I stated before #NoStress :) Thank you again for your work :)
  3. If I change it back to https in nextcloud, when it's back to the old error again. & the original config still ends in a forever loop :E
  4. It still enters a forever-loop with the log saying; "nginx: [emerg] "proxy_redirect" directive is duplicate in /config/nginx/proxy-confs/onlyoffice.subdomain.conf:19" over and over again. If I comment the line out again & change the https to http; and change the address to http; I get another error now: Error when trying to connect (Mixed Active Content is not allowed. HTTPS address for Document Server is required.)
  5. I've been here before, unfortunately I suddenly had to take some months out of the calendar & didn't get any closer to a sulotion But I'm back To start with, I don't have a great knowledge of network protocols & usually take baby steps Last time I was here, the question arised if my proxy was pointing to http or https of onlyoffice, as fair as I know, it's https. But I'll hust walk you through what I have done & how far I've come If anyone have the time to help, it would be awesome. I followed Spaceinvader One's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEOfwKH2D
  6. Yes, but I would like to see the grayed-option before I buy. My question boils down to; is it greyed-out or not visible before the purchase? Edit: It's not visible. Now to figure out why the migration didn't work :E
  7. Quick and maybe a stupid question. I just migrated from Binhex-Plex to Linuxserver.io, because of hardware transcoding. I know Binhex has one for plexpass, for HW-transcoding, as far as I know. But that just confuses me & SpaceinvaderOne made a video using linuxservers docker, so for me, is was a good place to start. But my question is, does the hardware transcode option only visible if you have a PlexPass? I can se my options for transcoding is different from the one he(SpaceinvaderOne) has in his video, using the same docker. Or have I made a mistake when I migrated?
  8. I use SWAG, since I'm far from knowledgeable on this topic! I usually follow SpaceInvader One and his videos, but I know it usually just a scratch on the surface. But I haven't gotten it to work. I still get a "Error when trying to connect (Bad healthcheck status)✖" when I try to get it to work. But when I access the Document Server from the docker (WebUI) or the website (that I use in the proxy), I go to the OnlyOffice docker server. So the docker works? Maybe SWAG also works? My question is; is this a SWAG problem? Maybe a Nextcloud problem? or is it something on the bug-fix-table?
  9. Seems to have worked. A surprise was I needed to create a network "proxynet" again. But hey, seems to work. Thank you so much :)
  10. I'll be out of town for a couple of days and can see there's a new update(6.9.1). I'm going to update it and as soon as i return, I'll try the previous solutions, otherwise I'll try the your new sugestion. But I really don't like deleting things :E Feels like there's a high probability of error from my side, but hey, gotta learn somehow
  11. Unfortunately I get the same error as before. (It is my bedtime, but I'll surely be back tomorrow! Thank again for the help so far!)
  12. The plot thickens! The "docker rm nextcloud" got an error:
  13. I'm in a funny situtation, ontop of the new update (6.9.0) I got some new gear.; X570 Motherboard with an 3700x AMD. And my nexcloud suddenly stoped working. It says it's dead and the logs just repeat: e":"can not get logs from container which is dead or marked for removal"} When I try to start it, it says: But I don't really know what caused it, or what happened? I hope someone is wiser then me and know where to start troubleshooting or know the root cause. (Well, chances are most of you are smarter and wiser then me )