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(SOLVED) - Another Cache Drive Question Floor Size

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Hi everyone - first i'd like to say how awesome this community is! I have been running UNraid for about a week and the whole concept is a little different than what I am used to, so it is fair to say that my knowledge of UNraid is de minimis at best. 


I have successfully installed Plex and migrated my metadata from another machine along with rclone to view my media libraries. I currently have 1 drive (2TB) in my array. Since everything is up and running I wanted to add an SSD cache drive. I thought that would be easy, but I must be missing something. 


I following spaceinvaderone's video on how to add the drive (his video's are freaking amazing!).


BUT I get the following error from FCP:

"Cache Floor Size (calculated to 2048000000000 bytes) is larger than your cache drive (480103948288 bytes)"


What is cache floor and why is it 2TB? I only have ~120GB on my share.


Furthermore when I try to run the mover script the system logs say that the cache drive is full -> Aug 2 04:40:31 Sailfish shfs: cache disk full.  but it’s not full at all. 


Can someone help me out here?


Is this permissions related maybe?


Thanks - jstpie5


Additional Details:

UNraid version 6.8.3



Community Applications

Dynamix SSD Trim

Fix Common Problems

Precler Disks


Unassigned Devices (and UAD+)

Unraid Nvidia

User scripts






Annotation 2020-08-02 081630.jpg

Annotation 2020-08-02 081547.jpg

Annotation 2020-08-02 084343.jpg

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Change your cache Minimum Free in Global Share Settings. If you just give it a number without specifying MB or  GB I think it uses KB which makes it larger than you expect. 

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as bad as i wanted it to be something more difficult (to make me feel a little better) this was it. i assumed it was asking for the value in bytes so i entered 2000000. turns out, it must be kb -> 2TB...


Thanks trurl.

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