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I am wondering if there may be any possibility/interest in having a parts rating feature on the forum or other platform.


This way, people can +1 / -1 per functional part/problematic part for their unraid build.  This could allow our community to review mobos, RAM, CPUs, Graphic Cards, etc for or Unraid specific server builds and detail which problems we may have, or areas where they really shine... although people could just easily see the part ranking  (without review) from like a part "leaderboard" which could perhaps be kept on the site main page, or maybe just the Forum main page.  This way, if people want to just buy parts quickly from community trust, then they can.  And, They could feel confident about the ranking being useful for their unraid specific builds to generally work upon assembly (minor tweaks aside).

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I agree.  However, as an updated/"Rolling" Leaderboard with a column to show when one of the chipsets on the leaderboard was last updated, I believe that it could prove a very useful resource as more people used it.  Older models would basically fall "off of screen" as newer and newer parts came out to replace their spots on the date prioritized board.

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I'd love to... but, unfortunately I have no clue how.


Essentially, until I see it on youtube, I have no clue how to make a computer do it.   I'm not good for much more than a few original ideals.  Yet, desperately needing to copy the execution of other's executions.  LOL

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Not against the idea but don't see the real purpose/need for it...  Any hardware works, generally speaking, and not everything is universally available so if you have 90% of a list of hardware that's not really available anywhere other than the US, or vice versa or some percentage of mixed availability, the usability of the list can make it more of a problem for someone trying to locate parts from the list because they keep trying to find stuff that's not available.  Add on to that anyone who currently adds their existing hardware that's obsolete and not sold anymore you just create a mess of a worthless hardware list.


And would you only add hardware that's used by more than one person or would you let anyone add anything? That opens the door to having 500 motherboards, 500 cpus... etc.. that's not a usable list to choose from, even if low ranked things weren't displayed.


I think that it could be a good idea to some extent to try and create a small set of specific hardware lists, like 10 specific motherboards that have good features and stability that are recommended and available, instead of every motherboard on the planet that people are using because they had some old hardware laying around.  But even with that, what are the criteria?  SuperMicro alone has 20-30-40 boards that can be used all with their own individual features/specs.


And whatever you might try to do, it should be included as an update / addition to the Unraid wiki, which has already been mentioned before by others needs to be updated.  If you want to talk targeted hardware the list of SATA/SAS cards in the Wiki is a good example of something that should be updated for 2020.  What's still available, compatible, etc...


And then if you really wanted to get creative, with the help of limetech building a feature into Unraid itself (or a plugin that is built) --- the optional, user self-submitted, ability to send back statistics to [limetech] servers about the hardware being used like that is displayed in Dynamix System Info. you could build a hardware database of motherboards/cpus being used automatically and add information that way.


But I still don't think it's worth the effort.  My personal opinion.  There are too many factors and variables to be able to build a list like you're suggesting.


I'd be happy to be proved wrong though.

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19 hours ago, Energen said:

And would you only add hardware that's used by more than one person or would you let anyone add anything? That opens the door to having 500 motherboards, 500 cpus... etc.. that's not a usable list to choose from, even if low ranked things weren't displayed.



So, what I was thinking (and apparently did not convey clearly) was that the leaderboard would have something like the top 5 or so of a set (chipset for a motherboard), cpu for a generational series 3900xt, 3800xt, i9-7980x, etc.


So, up to a set amount for a release period.  Since there are multiple releases per year per category, it could span in segments with 50's boards, 70s boards, x series boards (I only keep coming back to the boards because of consistency).


But each year could have a scroll window and/or filter, which could have a scroll window for the season, and the top 3/ top 5/top 10 (whatever decided) per category (mobo, cpu, ram, ssd, hdd) could have their windows to show their leaderboards.


Leaderboards would would be based upon reliability to function as Unraid servers.

There could be basic ratings for handling basics like storage/automated tasks/maintenance/iommu etc.


bonuses could be given for speeds, temps, uptimes, expandability beyond a threshold we could set

detractors could could be given based upon crashes, downtimes, temps, iommu failures, general complications.


I mean, the metrics could be as inclusive or exclusive as wanted (of course).


My main concern is that when people see the leaderboard, that the can feel certainty (far above average) that their system will likely function upon assembly...  barring bad production batches, etc., so that people can buy and build their unraid servers based upon "reliable average reviews".



So, to more specifically respond, yes... eventually over 500 items would accumulate over time.

BUT, since they would be segmented by years (and maybe seasons), then by parts in each section... then aside from records for the sake of posterity the volume is largely irrelevant (especially since they are only text files).  At least in my opinion. 🙂

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