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  1. Is it reliable, is it stable? I am looking at getting a TRX40D8-2N2T with 256 RAM but can't really find reviews. Also can't find many note on people recommending or discouraging RAM for that board.
  2. I could not agree with you more, and I would be surprised if anyone takes issue with your sharing such objective insights here. In the future, I would love to implements such a solution. However, that will be many moons from now, as I struggle with my ADHD (and the difficulties it brings me to absorb text information... especially beyond a page or two of text). Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts, I have emailed your post to myself so that when I am ready, I can reference it. Please enjoy your day.
  3. SO VERY SORRY to hijack a thread. But this is the only one which I could find mentioning "NX MODE". My Taichi manual doesn't describe it and I don't know what it's for. It's not been in one of my boards before (Nor has "PSS Support"). Would someone please share what "NX Mode" and "PSS Support" are, and recommended general setting for my Unraid build? (I essentially want to avoid any settings which will prevent functionality while I am setting up. I can dial them in more granularly later.
  4. If I May ask: 1.) What your most prominently/frequently produced forms of media? 2.) How does Unraid impact your company as a software utility? 3.) Which Solutions and/or tools would aid your production house to improve quality of production, lowering turn-around-time, acquiring additional clients, leveraging your current resources into greater gains/return on investment, other/not mentioned 4.) Approximately how many of the staff interact with (maintain, store to, edit from, render from) your servers which operate Unraid on a regular basis?
  5. sekrit

    PC in a Desk

    Do you happen to record your own music using Waves plugins by any chance?
  6. Any updates on P4000 slicing in Unraid? It'd be INCREDIBLE to be able to quarter this card into 4 VM displays!
  7. Fair enough. In light of that, I have added TWO options... None of the above (as requested), and "Other". Does that tune your guitar strings? 🙂
  8. I am creating this poll to find out how much of the Unraid Community is comprised of Content Creators (in case we have further opportunities to support one another).
  9. So, what I was thinking (and apparently did not convey clearly) was that the leaderboard would have something like the top 5 or so of a set (chipset for a motherboard), cpu for a generational series 3900xt, 3800xt, i9-7980x, etc. So, up to a set amount for a release period. Since there are multiple releases per year per category, it could span in segments with 50's boards, 70s boards, x series boards (I only keep coming back to the boards because of consistency). But each year could have a scroll window and/or filter, which could have a scroll window for the season, an
  10. I'd love to... but, unfortunately I have no clue how. Essentially, until I see it on youtube, I have no clue how to make a computer do it. I'm not good for much more than a few original ideals. Yet, desperately needing to copy the execution of other's executions. LOL
  11. I agree. However, as an updated/"Rolling" Leaderboard with a column to show when one of the chipsets on the leaderboard was last updated, I believe that it could prove a very useful resource as more people used it. Older models would basically fall "off of screen" as newer and newer parts came out to replace their spots on the date prioritized board.
  12. Is there any general consensus regarding which mobo may be the very best X570 for Unraid, supporting passthrough and most any "Unraid Supported" task which the owner "throws at" their unraid server (assuming that the user is not attempting to demand more than the parts were designed for)?
  13. I am wondering if there may be any possibility/interest in having a parts rating feature on the forum or other platform. This way, people can +1 / -1 per functional part/problematic part for their unraid build. This could allow our community to review mobos, RAM, CPUs, Graphic Cards, etc for or Unraid specific server builds and detail which problems we may have, or areas where they really shine... although people could just easily see the part ranking (without review) from like a part "leaderboard" which could perhaps be kept on the site main page, or maybe just the Forum main pa
  14. So, How do we get the physical machine to turn on as failover when the PFSENSE VM failis? Also, is there a way to sync settings between the two (I dunno... have both load from a network image or sonething?