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  1. The ones previously seen perhaps. I doubt that it is an entirely different issue regarding same model NVMEs. Giving such an absolute response when not even knowing which models are effected is "specious" at best. No?
  2. I actually came here because my 2 Samsung NVMEs are not both being recognized. 😕
  3. I apologize if I am completely missing them. But are there any update notes anywhere to share what has been changed in 6.7.2?
  4. By any chance does ANYONE have an earlier version of pfSense, than 2.4.4... preferrably 2.3.*? I am receiving all sorts of REALLY weird installation options which look NOTHING like the videos.... they are asking about terminal mode options (whether I want to use: ansi vt100 xterm cons25w with none of this leading me to to installation...all sorts of crap! Please advise.
  5. I am following along, however there is no instruction on which Handbrake version to install. There are two in the containers to be downloaded. Which one should I be using to follow along?
  6. First of all, thank you so very much for your time and effort. I appreciate it greatly. NIC Ports: Motherboard (ASUS Rampage VI Extreme): Eth0 is a 10Gbe port/Eth1 is a 1Gbe port Docker: I have had a number of my system freezes while attempting transfers within "Krusader" (attemting to backup my WD My Cloud Data) So, if I can't transfer data, i'm totally hosed. SSD's: 1 SATA-Storage 3 NVME-1 cache, 1 storage, 1 unassigned (passthrough windows 10, functional also if not running unraid) Dirty Shutdowns: After system hangs, I have had no other choice but to do a cold restart.
  7. Here you go, good Sir. FCPsyslog_tail.txt
  8. Here we go: 7960unraid-diagnostics-20190506-0510.zip
  9. It seems as though it is a complete freeze. I go to log in with root (have not changed due to that i'm still working out bugs)... and I get no activity from the keyboard. Soooo... What do you advise? Should I reboot and do something, or not reboot and pull the USB? Please note that I had run "troubleshoot mode" from "CA (Some plugin or another LOL... The one for alerts and fixes), which is where I got the initial lines of script from...) However, it gives a zip file with a ton of Log and other files in it.... Which file should I post?
  10. My network connection keeps failing. I am trying to figure out the problem, and in syslog.txt I find: May 5 12:30:48 7960UNRAID rc.inet1: ip link set eth0 master bond0 down May 5 12:30:49 7960UNRAID kernel: bond0: Enslaving eth0 as a backup interface with a down link May 5 13:00:30 7960UNRAID kernel: eth0: renamed from vethe4b16c9 May 5 20:00:02 7960UNRAID kernel: vethe4b16c9: renamed from eth0 May 5 20:00:23 7960UNRAID kernel: eth0: renamed from vethcbfbc2f Does any of this reflect what could be causing the problem?
  11. I will have a look once I get this GUI connection drop dealt with. Thank You. Yes. I do have Eaton already
  12. So, how would I get Unraid to do a soft-shutdown when UPS is almost out of power?
  13. I am seeing the NUT Network UPS Tools in the Apps. However I cannot find a video to use it. I am wondering how I am supposed to setup Unraid to work with my Eaton UPS system.
  14. Very fair questions. I've been building out since November of 2017... a little after Linus did his 3 VR gamer build. My nephew wanted a computer for music, and I wanted one to learn video production and 3D model design. So I bought the cpu, mobo, RAM and used a 4tb hdd initially. We've just been running windows essentially. Since I returned to getting treated for knees (which have been an increasing problem for about 20 years (bilateral patella-alta) and have begun receiving tests to check my qualifications for a gastrointestinal procedure for the past 11 months. So, I've been slowed down on the jobs I can take. So getting large drives is a slow (and arduous) process. It's not been ideal... but one of my WD NAS drives already died, and I'm afraid that the other one may go soon too. But, I am in a place now that we are wanting to let him get more involved in his music with synths... So, either way i'm going to just have to pull the trigger. He's 15, so his patience just blows me away. :-D (I for damned sure was an impatient teenager. LOL)