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I am hoping someone can offer an opinion or point me to where I can go for assistance.  At this point my server is not booting at all, I do not believe this has anything to do with Unraid itself, I believe it is hardware related and I am looking for opinions.  I built this server approx. 6 years ago.  The mother board is an Asrock Z77 professional and the CPU is an I5, I don't recall which version.  It has worked without issue until this past week when I noticed it was no longer available on the network.  It will power up (fans etc. run) however that is as far as it gets.  There is an LED display on the motherboard which displays error codes.  As the system tries to boot it will flash through some numbers, display 4F for a couple seconds and then stop at d0.  From what I can find d0 is a CPU initialization failure.  If that is the case am I safe to assume my CPU fried??  Or could it be something else?  Thoughts on further trouble shooting or next steps are appreciated.  Again I don't believe this is an Unraid issue, and if this should be posted elsewhere I appologize. 

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Since you say you built it, I'm assuming you are relatively familiar with PC stuff.

Take it back to the bare minimum, PSU, motherboard, CPU and heatsink, power button lead. NOTHING else plugged in. No RAM, no cables except power, nothing. See if you get a "RAM missing" code when you trigger power. If so, add 1 stick of RAM and see if the code changes. If so, and you have onboard video, plug the monitor back in and see if it initializes. Keep adding pieces ONE AT A TIME until you get failures again.


If you can't get a bare motherboard and cpu to give you a ram missing signal, either the board or cpu is probably fried, but sometimes removing the CPU and reseating can help.

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