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Can’t access GUI remotely after upgrade

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Hi all,


I upgraded to 6.9beta35 and am unable to access the unraid GUI remotely. I have a display plugged in to my pc and can see my tower login screen but cannot type anything in with any of my usb inputs. I had vfio bindings that I think may be playing a roll.

I switched acs override from “both” to “disabled” prior to rebooting and encountering this issue.


can anyone guide me in generating an error report to post for review? I feel like I may have really screwed myself here as I’m not sure how I would do anything without peripheral devices, any help is appreciated.

thanks very much

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Elaborated after calming down a bit
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You are truly my hero. Starting in safe mode was no dice, but renaming vfio-pci.cfg to vfio-pci-old.cfg did the trick!


Sorry for the double post, thought I properly deleted the others.


Now I can get back to failing to get this new GPU to work! Thank you SO much!


Is there anywhere I can donate to the organization? Since y'all have been so incredibly helpful in troubleshooting a ton of issues and patient with me, I'd like to show my thanks

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