• Help, Server is rebooting every few minutes!

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    I don't know what is going on. All of the sudden my server is rebooting what seems like every few minutes. I have been running 6.9.2 since it first came out, so it isn't like I am running a beta release. And I haven't made any configuration changes to the server. In fact, I was simply using the Windows 10 VM when it started this behavior. 

    I am attaching the diagnostic data from Safe Mode with the array started.  Yes, it seems to work in safe mode. I know that some plugins got updated today but I honestly don't know which ones - unassigned devices? But that shouldn't cause this, right? Please help!


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    Yes, I read that a while back. And I do not overclock my RAM (or my CPU), I am using approved RAM and all the same RAM in all the slots. Also, my power settings are correct so the c-state should not be an issue. And again, I haven't made any changes to any of that recently and I have been running Unraid for quite some time now. 


    Also, here is a diagnostics from a regular boot - it crashed about 20 seconds after I got this!


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    Oh, it even does it in safe mode. 

    I am ready to throw the box out the window :'(

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    Why are you loading the Intel integrated graphics driver?

    # Load the i915 driver
    modprobe i915


    This should really be posted in the General Support section. It isn't an Unraid bug and it isn't Urgent.


    Have you done a memory test? Have you tried enabling syslog mirroring to flash to see if it catches the problem?

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    9 hours ago, Mantene said:

    And I do not overclock my RAM

    RAM is running at 3600MT/s, max supported speed for you CPU with 4 dual rank DIMMs is 2667 MT/s, in any case this is general support issue, so please continue discussion here:




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    Changed Status to Closed

    Changed Priority to Other

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