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  1. Any advice here? This is making me insane. The system is now down to 10Mbps or less at times. It's almost unusable.
  2. This is weird. Sometime over one of the past few upgrades, my read performance has gone to heck. My current stats: Write speeds: 50Mbps (with cache disk) Read: 45Mbps Occasionally if I reboot it, I'll get better speeds. But then over a day or two, it just slows. This is new behavior. This server has been running for years. The server is running an A6 processor with 8GB RAM. No major changes that I'm aware of other than regular system updates. Any thoughts on what to look for? I have an ancient QNAP server with an old Celeron processor that is blowing circles around this thing. (Same network, 79Mbps write, 110Mbps read) Thanks in advance for any tips.
  3. I get that it's not in there for performance reasons, but you bring up an excellent use case. It would be great to be able to turn on an auditing feature for troubleshooting purposes.
  4. That's actually quite helpful. Thank you!
  5. Just curious: Where are you finding a case to hold all of those drives? I can't seem to find a case that can hold more than about 11. That's my biggest hold-up with expansion. Not being able to mount more drives.
  6. That certainly wouldn't be simple in the least, but it would be wicked cool. I typically use SMB shares to mount to other servers so I can have a single access point for now. (I have a smaller server as well that I use UNRAID to "pass thru" to it)
  7. I have zero desire to use ZFS. I've looked at it. If I wanted it, I'd have gone with FreeNAS. I wouldn't mind if other storage options were to be added, but it sort of goes against what UnRAID is. (IMHO) Access logs would be helpful however. I also love the idea of Snapshots.
  8. As the previous poster said, look up the Unassigned Devices plug in and set up an SMB share. I use that to access shares on my second QNAP server.
  9. Yeah, I'm a fairly competent I.T. Guy, but having a log file is sort of essential to get started. 🙂 Many thanks.
  10. Sorry, I screwed up the title. Fixed now. Yet me go and set that syslog mirroring. That might be helpful.
  11. I like how easy it is to add capacity to the server as well at it's ability to run Virtual Machines.
  12. I'm running UNRAID 6.7.2. I'm getting random reboots. At least once per day. At first I thought it was the 6.8 upgrade, but I rolled it back to 6.7.2. How do I troubleshoot the cause of this? It seems the log files start over after a reboot, so I can't see what was happening prior to the reboot. This seems to happen even if the system is not being utilized. Needless to say, this is triggering endless parity checks, which can't be good for the longevity of the drives. Any ideas to point me in the right direction here?