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  1. I really like this dashboard. I really don't like the work involved to set it up. Yes, I am that lazy. I for sure would pay for an "app" or plugin or whatever that made this easy. Thanks for all the work and putting this together, awesome tools and I really appreciate you making it all available and providing the video help too! The learning in putting this together on my own I am sure would make it worth it too....
  2. Not sure what changed but it is working again, no clue. Then today back to timeouts. The issue is not limited to VMs but happens to Krusader, Dolphin, etc that are run in Docker.
  3. Same problem for me. No idea what has changed but it is the same with the browser or a standalone client (VNC Viewer) Running this from a Macbook using Firefox and VNC Viewer with the same results. SSH sessions from the Terminal on Mac timeout/crash as well. Mac Terminal reports "broken pipe" after some time
  4. Wondering the same thing. Also can someone help me set up SSL using these instructions? I would like to use my own CERTS for Bitwarden but am a little confused how to do so using the Bitwarden Docker in Unraid, there is no option for "environment" under the advanced tab when I try to edit the existing Docker configuration for Bitwarden. Thanks!