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  1. System specs: M/B: Asus Z170-A CPU: Intel Core i7 7700 Memory: 16 GiB DDR4 Storage: 5x HDD, 1xSSD (Cache) Expansions: Dell H310 Parity check: 78-82W All HDDs spun down: approx. 50W S3 sleep (roughly 67% of the time, but can often stretch to 2-3 days): 16W (not sure how accurate my power meter is for sleep. I think it should be less) Don't use any dockers or VMs which need to be on 24/7. Via WOL, server wakes up and is ready to stream in about 20 seconds or so, which is good enough for me (my old N54L, which does not support S3, was closer
  2. Many thanks. I will only be using HDDs on it, so I think I would put it into the 4x slot in case I decide to add a graphics card later.
  3. One more question. I have 2 x PCI-E 16x ports, one of which runs at 4x, while the Dell H310 is 8x. Would I be OK using either port, or should I put it into the 16x one?
  4. Thanks Decto. Sounds like the LSI card is the way to go if I want the most speed.
  5. Hi all. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but I can't seem to find an answer to this specific query. I've recently upgraded my server to the following: Processor: i3-7100 MB: Asus Q170M-C with 6 SATA ports RAM: 2x8GB HyperX Fury 3200MHz DDR4 Case: NZXT H440 (2015) Drives: 5 data drives (15TB with one parity), 1 SSD cache Power supply: be quiet! Pure Power 11 400W CM OS: unRAID 6.9.0-beta25 Primary use as a media server, no transcoding. Spends most of the day in S3 sleep. Potentialy use it to try some home automation softwar
  6. They look fantastic! Thanks so much!
  7. Mex, thanks so much for doing this for the community. Just upgraded from my Gen 7 Microserver (for which you did an awesome icon!) to an i3 build in an NZXT H440 case. Would it be possible to make an icon for it? Dug up an image from the user manual which I am using in the meantime. Clearly not up to Mex's standards.
  8. HP Microserver Gen 7? I'm currently using the picture below taken from the user manual. Photo below is from a Polish website which seems to be down.
  9. Installation went fine, but I have lost access to preclear. When I try to reinstall, I get the message unRAID version (6.8.1) not supported.