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  1. im coming here because of: you can disable the full routing by adding Table = off to the [Interface] Section! Credits to https://shibumi.dev/posts/disable-routing-for-wireguard/ i deleted my tunnel, edited the conf file by adding the "Table=off" statement and import again. Now i have a persistent Tunnel to my VPS, and can access this tunnel by selecting the interface like this: # got my isp ip curl ipinfo.io/ip # got my vps ip curl --interface wg1 ipinfo.io/ip
  2. Same here! unRAID 6.8.3 WD Black SN750 NVME with 500GB from 2020-01 (new!) Power on hours: 1,362 Data units written 68.5 TB TBW is 250TB massiv writes on loop device
  3. Can you also add CTOP ? Top-like interface for container metrics
  4. no, this is the AWS Admin CLI Tool, it must be installed on one of your devices to manage your AWS services https://aws.amazon.com/cli/?nc1=h_ls
  5. Hello, can you please add this working version of the wd5741x64 for WD NASWARE Devices? (like the idle3 tools) https://www.ixsystems.com/community/threads/wd-utility-for-red-drives-with-high-load-cycle-counts.18095/post-389162 works with my unRAID like a charm