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  1. Hi, posted a while ago about rtorrent pinning a random thread at 100% usage. GUI completly locks up. Still havent managed to sort this, seems to only do it when im downloading. Have a thread ripper 1920x. If anyone can help or point me in the right direction that would be great.
  2. Sorry if this has already been answered or spoken about. But im having GUI lock up due to cpu thread getting pinned at 100%. Ive tried the -t option in extra parameters but doesn't seem to make a difference. Have a threadripper 1920x and its just locking one thread at 100% and randomly changes which thread its using. Then the GUI sometimes comes back for a moment or everything crashes and restarts back up. Any ideas?
  3. So i just looked at the link speed which you said about and its only 400mbps, so that would explain my slow transfer speeds. Guess i have to get a new faster router
  4. Sorry maybe i wasn't that clear in post. Im not confusing GHz with gbit. I get slower speeds over wifi then ethernet. Laptop is connected via 5GHz wifi, which has theoretical max speed of 1300mbit/s. So why am i getting 3x slower transfer speeds over 5GHz wifi (1300mbit/s) then when my laptop is connected via gigabit ethernet (1000mbit/s) hopefully that clears up what i meant
  5. Hi, Having an issue that is driving me mad wondered if anyone can help or point me in the right direction. Transfer speeds im getting: - Unraid boot drive < - > cache pool (230MB/s - 340MB/s) - Laptop gigabit ethernet < - > cache pool (110MB/s max write, 110MB/s max read) - Laptop 5GHz WiFi < - > cache pool (37MB/s max write, 27MB/s max read) Im running Unraid 6.7.2 with 2x 120GB SSD cache drives in RAID 0. The Unraid server is connected via gigabit ethernet. I just cant figure out why its so much slower over wifi, im even in the same room as router. Any ideas would be much appretiated. Thanks.
  6. Wow, life saver. I renamed the network.cfg as you mentioned and now everything is working. Not sure where i was going wrong with my network configuration. But i will do as you have said and reserve the IP in the router settings instead. Seems a much simpler idea
  7. Wont let me update through the plugins, all my installed plugins have status "unknown" even after checking for updates. My new router has the same default gateway of
  8. The message that is given when trying to access the unraid apps, sorry it wouldn't let me copy the text so i attached as images
  9. I didnt realise unraid had a diagnostics feature, so ive attached it here unraid-diagnostics-20200114-1819.zip
  10. Hi, I am relativley new to unraid and have been running my own setup for about 6 months now with no issues until now. My ISP is virgin media and yesterday i upgraded to virgin media 350mbit. This meant the previous Virgin Media Hub 2ac i have been using had to be replaced with their new virgin media hub 3. So at first i thought everything was okay. DelugeVPN was still downloading torrents as normal. It wasn't until i added new media to Plex i noticed that metadata wasn't being downloaded. No results found. I then noticed that the Unraid Community Applications addon also wasn't working returning the error "error from POST call get_content" My OpenVPN server also isn't working even after i portforwarded the ports required. After doing some research i found that some people have had issues with ipv6? Although my Unraid network settings is set to use ipv4 only. If anyone could help or point me in the right direction that would be much appretiated. I havent attached any logs as not sure which logs to put. Thanks in advance