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  1. Just to summarize the problem so far. The card takes over the system boot function and I cannot force the boot process to start from the system and thus the flash drive. The card does enter into the SAS menu and if I connect drives to it, it can see them, just keeps looking for a boot assignment from those drives. With the "Boot Support" set to "Disable", the system gets stuck on the following screen.
  2. Finally had a chance to play around with the LSI card again. There is no OPT ROM option in the main board BIOS. I am guessing my only option is to disable to Boot function in the LSI card. I only have windows machines, so will look around on how to get that done. BTW, I do have the first, and only, boot option in the BIOS set to the flash drive with UnRaid.
  3. I will attach the diagnostics for you here. Don't know if it will show up, but originally I was working on getting an HBA card to work and was not successful. The card BIOS would not let the mobo BIOS boot. Gave up on that for now and began working on moving a bunch of music files to backup.
  4. Well, that worked! Thank you. All I did was select all the disks, apply, then deselect and used ALL, apply and Rescan. Presto, no more error message. Thank you!
  5. I am running 6.8.3 and recently installed Fix Common Problems. I get an error message that says "Share Music FLAC has read/write set in its included disk settings". I am not clear on what problem this indicates and how to fix it, if it does need fixing. Thank you.
  6. I will look into these options, thank you.
  7. With the HBA card not installed, unRaid boots normally with the USB as the boot device. USB is set as the first boot device in the Asus BIOS. When I install the HBA card, the HBA BIOS starts up first and I cannot access the Asus BIOS at all. Process seems to stop at the HBA BIOS level waiting for a boot drive. I have read that the HBA BIOS takes a long time to process. Perhaps I am not waiting long enough for the system to then proceed to the Asus BIOS? How long should I wait? I cannot flash the card since it will not go past the HBA BIOS. Most annoying.....
  8. I currently have a well running unRaid with the latest stable version. I am using an older Asus M2n-SLI Deluxe board. I have 6 drives on the system and wanted to be able to add a few extra drives, so purchased the HBA 9211-81 IT. Added card to board and started system. The card takes over the boot process and I have tried various options in the Avago settings. The card can see any drives attached to it, so seem to be running fine. I wish to use the card to just allow me to add other drives, not to take over the system BIOS. I cannot get past the Avago screens and get the syst
  9. Thank you for your assistance. I have 4 drives that are 4TB and I wish to use for data instead of the 1TB drives currently installed. I tried putting the drives in the cache slot and found that I could format one of the 4 in Reisurfs. The other 3 would not format and the system indicates "Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout". Is there a way to have Unraid set a new partition layout on the entire disk so that I can then format it? In the mean time, I am trying to replace the one drive I was able to format. Update: Turns out 3 of the 5 drives are bad. I can' t
  10. Running Unraid 6.8.3 with one Parity drive and 4 data drives. Drives currently formatted in Reisurfs. I am trying to upgrade all five 1TB drives to larger 4TB drives. Default file system now set to XFS since the Unraid upgrade to current version. I first upgraded the Parity drive and the upgrade went well following the manual's instructions. I now have a 4TB parity drive. Problem is when trying to upgrade the data drives. I have followed the available instructions. In trying to replace the first data drive, array is stopped, drive 1 set to 'no
  11. I'm on it, thank you....was hoping the upgrade plugin, Method 1, would make my life easier.....but, a good review is probably a good thing.
  12. Hoping to upgrade to the latest Unraid and have tried to follow Method 1, but the script stops when trying to access a file in the AWS server. Indicates 403 error, access forbidden. I am currently running 5.0.6 Plus. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. My original goal had been to save electricity and wear and tear on the hardware when not in use. The ability to boot the machine from an 'off' state solves all my issues. I save power and don't have to deal with the occasional problems brought on with a momentary power interruption, which happens about once a year around here.
  14. Perhaps you guys already know this, but it is a new option for me so I thought I'd mention it. I have been struggling for the last few days trying to get WOL to work with my current setup. It had worked on my mobo with 5beta14, but not with 5.0.6 and a purchased key. I finally gave up and decided I would just leave my server off when not in use. I don't use the server every day, just now and again when I wish to back up my machines and my music collection. The hassle is the server is located upstairs and I mostly want to back up my machines downstairs. The server had been located wher