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  1. Thank you for your assistance. I have 4 drives that are 4TB and I wish to use for data instead of the 1TB drives currently installed. I tried putting the drives in the cache slot and found that I could format one of the 4 in Reisurfs. The other 3 would not format and the system indicates "Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout". Is there a way to have Unraid set a new partition layout on the entire disk so that I can then format it? In the mean time, I am trying to replace the one drive I was able to format. Update: Turns out 3 of the 5 drives are bad. I can' t access them from any machine at all. What I get for buying used drives on eBay. Just ordered brand new drives to get this done properly. I also need to look into moving the entire system to XFS.
  2. Running Unraid 6.8.3 with one Parity drive and 4 data drives. Drives currently formatted in Reisurfs. I am trying to upgrade all five 1TB drives to larger 4TB drives. Default file system now set to XFS since the Unraid upgrade to current version. I first upgraded the Parity drive and the upgrade went well following the manual's instructions. I now have a 4TB parity drive. Problem is when trying to upgrade the data drives. I have followed the available instructions. In trying to replace the first data drive, array is stopped, drive 1 set to 'no device', thus un-assigning it I believe. Reboot machine and drive 1 shows the new 4TB drive available. However, when I select that drive, the entry disappears from the screen and is no longer available for any drive slot. I would appreciate some guidance in upgrading the data drives. Thanks, Rudy
  3. I'm on it, thank you....was hoping the upgrade plugin, Method 1, would make my life easier.....but, a good review is probably a good thing.
  4. Hoping to upgrade to the latest Unraid and have tried to follow Method 1, but the script stops when trying to access a file in the AWS server. Indicates 403 error, access forbidden. I am currently running 5.0.6 Plus. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. My original goal had been to save electricity and wear and tear on the hardware when not in use. The ability to boot the machine from an 'off' state solves all my issues. I save power and don't have to deal with the occasional problems brought on with a momentary power interruption, which happens about once a year around here.
  6. Perhaps you guys already know this, but it is a new option for me so I thought I'd mention it. I have been struggling for the last few days trying to get WOL to work with my current setup. It had worked on my mobo with 5beta14, but not with 5.0.6 and a purchased key. I finally gave up and decided I would just leave my server off when not in use. I don't use the server every day, just now and again when I wish to back up my machines and my music collection. The hassle is the server is located upstairs and I mostly want to back up my machines downstairs. The server had been located where it is to keep it out of the way in a location with good airflow, yet out of sight. During my attempts to get WOL to work, I noticed that that machine still drew a small electrical load and a light was illuminated on the NIC board. It occurred to me that the NIC should still be able to sense commands.....or at least I surmised that to be the case. I looked around for a way to boot the machine remotely and found that my WOL software, Wake Me On LAN, can also boot my machine remotely! I have tried it several times now and it works every time. Boots the machine up from an "Off" state. Granted, not as fast as waking from S3 sleep, but better than having to physically push the button to start the machine. I assume this is mobo dependent with proper BIOS settings, but sure am glad I stumbled onto this option. In my case, better than S3 sleep.
  7. No doubt Joe has done outstanding work with unMENU and the preclear script, which I believe he provided as well. For those of us who barely know what we are doing, you guys have also been a great help. Cheers.
  8. I'm wondering how you guys handle the SMB security settings on the 'disk' device settings page? Mine are currently set to default, but was wondering what is the best practice. I do have user shares and they are set with different security settings depending on use.
  9. Joe, Thank you for your quick response. I do recall that getting S3 to work before was a long and tedious process. I'm not sure it is worth spending any more time on the issue. I have read many of the posts with folks encountering problems when trying to get S3 to work properly. Too many hardware and software combinations to make it work universally I presume. I will look into the other issues tomorrow when I get a chance. BTW, a general question. Is unMENU designed as a 'supplemental' menu system to the basic GUI? That is, as opposed to Dynamix which 'replaces' the basic GUI. Just trying to understand the goal of using unMENU. Clearly it provides a wealth of information that get basic GUI does not.
  10. In re-reading my post I just realized Problem 2 is likely because I don't have those files installed....correct?
  11. Yesterday I installed a fresh version of 5.0.6. The basic system works very well. I have been trying to improve the interface by adding some of the available addons and have run into some problems. I worked with Dynamix for the last 24 hours and finally gave up. I could not get everything to work properly and had various GUI freezing issues. I have now loaded unMENU 1.6 and so far so good. Problem 1: I am now looking into putting my machine into S3 sleep and have run into my first problem. The user scripts page shows that /proc/acpi/sleep directory does not exist. I have tried the two available commands to set the system to sleep, but neither work. Previously, when I had 5.0beta14 loaded, S3 did work. Am I forgetting to install something? Problem 2: I have run the unMENU update script and all but three of the updates install just fine. What is the problem here? Downloading myMain_local.conf rev $Revision: 182 $ $Date: 2010-12-04 08:15:52 -0500 (Sat, 04 Dec 2010)$ 5a0630afc49c196a23db71a5d02bf18f != a5d02879e3d52eb0dffda20f12d0111c or 7799da8e46bf08d7a328617cb1a48442, /tmp/unmenu_tmp/myMain_local.conf not installed Downloading powerdown-1.02_ctlaltdel-unmenu-package.conf rev $Revision: 50 $ $Date: 2010-04-13 14:21:51 -0400 (Tue, 13 Apr 2010) $ d0b27d3a4d9a936a384ec34bb24f85e6 != d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e or d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e, /tmp/unmenu_tmp/powerdown-1.02_ctlaltdel-unmenu-package.conf not installed Downloading unraid-swapfile-unmenu-package.conf rev $Revision: 68 $ $Date: 2010-04-20 21:01:55 -0400 (Tue, 20 Apr 2010) $ 9c1682566014551ded33dc8a79aff891 != 8c17090fc9a1f215d3e86731f1131f73 or 4e08b8911d69f27f8d6197e95d6985c7, /tmp/unmenu_tmp/unraid-swapfile-unmenu-package.conf not installed Thank you in advance for all the help....relative noob.....
  12. I had been able to install those to files successfully. It was later in the process, when installing other plugins via the Dynamix GUI console that I had problems. Thank you for all your help.
  13. Well, spoke too soon....again. The GUI and plugin module installation and operation was fine. I then proceeded to install a few of the plugins, via the Dynamix console and started having freezing with the GUI again. The problems has started for me when making changes in the e-mail, cache directories, and S-3 modules. Not always, not at the same time....strange. I have been at this process for over a day and am worn our trying to get everything to work properly. For now I'm waving the white flag. For the time being have gone back to the basic 5.0.6 GUI and the array is working just fine. Not sure where the problem lies, but taking too much time. Lot's of those features in Dynamix seem nice to have, but on my system it has been troublesome to get it to work properly. Thank you for your help. I'll revisit this option at a later date.
  14. I started again from just the GUI and did as you instructed. That time, the installation went well and completed with no errors. Not sure what I did wrong the first time. I followed the instructions under the heading "Optional Plugins" and right clicked, save as, the link listed. Thank you.