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  1. I am tempted to go back to unraid, buts been years since I last used this software and at that time It could not live up to what I wanted to achieve. I think its about time to change back, I just don't know how. I have a home server build around a HP Z220 SFF workstation. CPU is a G2030 dualcore 3GHz 8 GB ECC DDR3 RAM Quadro K600 graphics Firewire controller SATA3 controller 1x Hitachi NAS Drive 4TB 1x Seagate IronWolf Drive 4TB 1x Intel 60GB SSD 250Watt PSU What I want is this: Sync Dropbox Sync GDrive Sync OneDrive Backup B2 or normal Backblaze Plex server Firewire 800 support As of now I use a Windows based setup with remote desktop, as that can actually do everything I want and was not terrible complicated to setup. Could I make all this work on this hardware in the newest version of Unraid? I know the CPU is only a dualcore, so VMs is not one of its strongpoints. I also tried out different Linux distros, but the cloud syncing always got really complicated to setup
  2. I currently have a Windows Server Essentials 2016 machine working as a NAS here at home, but its way over complicated and not really necessary with a lot of the things that OS can do. It came with the decommissioned server I bought so had to try it out. I used to run a very simple unraid solution and im thinking maybe that is the way forward again. I have some few needs though and I know a proper Linux OS would be maybe the right call, I just feel unraid would be the simplest to setup and use for day to day duties. * needs to backup all content to Backblaze B2 (it contains a lot of files i can never get back) * needs to sync with my onedrive, as i use that for work related files * needs to sync with drop box, as my wife and i share files that way * needs to sync with google drive, as thats how my pictures sync from phone So what I want is continuous sync, with scheduled backups to B2. Is that possible with so many different services in unraid? Beside that its also my plex server and a normal smb server for the home LAN, those two are easy enough, its all the cloud stuff that makes it little complicated
  3. AT0MAC

    Switch systems?

    I do actually already have a CPU cooler fit for low TDP CPUs, so can skip that off the list. Also, I am thinking of modifying my Silverstone DS380 which I originally put on stock, because it was heating up my drives too much. If I re-use that case I need new hardware, because I don't have a ITX board available. No I dont plan on OC the build, but at my favorite store these are actually the cheapest DDR4 RAM available right now I am using normal hardware and not servergrade, because I dont have high requirements, right now Im thinking of an ASRock H110M-ITX motherboard, already own 2 other ASrock based machines and they are reliable like a rock
  4. AT0MAC

    Switch systems?

    I have a Z77 MSI motherboard with a G2030 CPU, 8GB Kingston DDR3 RAM, a 128 GB Toshiba SSD Cache, 2+2+3+4TB Hitachi drives an old ATX case, lots of noise fans and a X400 passive 400Watt Seasonic PSU. Build from parts I have scrapped from other computers in the house. Problem with it is its very noise, most likely to the bad chassis of the case and all the loud fans. I have many times considering taking care of that, but then again, its always nice to try new hardware too. The CPU is very low in performance, but this is only a dumb storage server not doing anything fancy at the moment, have another rig for that. I was looking up cases, witch lead me to think of new hardware too.... How do this system sound to you, could it be a good low noise unraid build? :: CPUIntel i3 7100T CPU Cooler Be Quiet Advanced C1 Motherboard Asus Prime B250M-C RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB Case Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 Fans 120x4 + 140x2 Corsair ML120/140 PSU Seasonic X400 Gold 400Watt Because I already have the PSU and drives, this build will not end up being very costly, when I look around the best alternative would be a 4 bay NAS from one of the big box names, unraid just lets me do so many more things and its way more expandable as I already have 4 drives+ cache
  5. Just to be sure I understand this method - I have a 3TB Parity drive + 2x2TB data drives and want to backup my 1TB picture collection, I can add a 1TB drive and make a cron job to daily backup the files to the UD drive? Should probably just try it out but don't want to mess anything up in case this is not the purpose of it.
  6. Ok I tried what you said, but I still see the database error. What could be wrong? I had not edited my config.pl, but I have now and the first lines of it looks like this: $data_dir = '/plexWatch/'; ## to store the DB, logfile - can be the same as this script $server_log = '/logs/Plex Media Server.log'; ## used to log IP address of user (alpha) $log_client_ip = 0; ## requires $server_log to be available too. (requires File::ReadBackwards) ## also required DEBUG log to be turned on in the PMS $debug_logging = 1; ## logs to $data_dir/debug.log ( not verbose enough yet.. still todo ) ## myplex user/pass ONLY required if you have set the PMS to 'Require authentication on local networks' and $server is not set to localhost $myPlex_user = 'yyy'; $myPlex_pass = 'xxx'; $server = ''; ## IP of PMS - or localhost $port = 32400; ## port of PMS $notify_started = 1; # !deprecated -- does nothing anymore (use push_watched, push_watching in $notify) $notify_stopped = 1; # !deprecated -- does nothing anymore (use push_watched, push_watching in $notify) $appname = 'plexWatch';
  7. I tried it and it still does not work I do have plex pass and am logged in everywere
  8. Yes, I am using Docker to run apps. Here you go:
  9. Have a new problem... The media works spot on! But I would like to get PlexWatch up and running too. Have tried a bunch of things without any luck, also tried everything I can read over here It has something to do with my database file, it can't find it. My configuration file looks like this: <?php require_once '/var/www/html/plexWatch/includes/functions.php'; $plexWatch['dateFormat'] = 'm/d/Y'; $plexWatch['timeFormat'] = 'g:i a'; $plexWatch['pmsIp'] = ''; $plexWatch['pmsHttpPort'] = '32400'; $plexWatch['pmsHttpsPort'] = '32443'; $plexWatch['https'] = 'no'; $plexWatch['plexWatchDb'] = '/mnt/cache/appdata/plexWatch/plexWatch.db'; $plexWatch['myPlexUser'] = '***'; $plexWatch['myPlexPass'] = '*****'; $plexWatch['myPlexAuthToken'] = '******'; $plexWatch['globalHistoryGrouping'] = 'yes'; $plexWatch['userHistoryGrouping'] = 'yes'; $plexWatch['chartsGrouping'] = 'yes'; ?>
  10. I had actually already figured out the container and path parts, what I was missing is the settings page. Am now adding a bunch of media and hope when I fire up Plex it will come alive instead of being empty
  11. I just finished installing unRAID Plus and setup my cache drive after a little trial and error. I now have a Plex session running in Docker on my cache drive in its own docker cache only share with the configuration files in a cache only share called appdata. My issue is I don't know how to add my movie library so I can watch from my Mac sitting in another room via Ethernet over Plex.... I guess I need to setup some kind of container for the files to be moved to before they appear in Plex but I can't seem to figure out how....
  12. Have now made a share called appshare and another one called docker, both cache only. Put a docker img in the docker share and started Plex with its configuration files in the appshare folder. I guess thats what you meant I needed to do in the first place? Now I have some questions on how to setup Plex in docker, but I will make another thread about that issue
  13. I finally had time to test your method and you know what? It worked! I have now successfully deleted appdata trough root user via telnet midnight commander. Needed a little more help though and found a guide here before I knew how to move around in mc.
  14. Tell me what to write Yes, I can work around in Telnet just dont know the correct commands to use. Thank you a bunch for all the work you have done so far. Its pretty great if everything works in the end
  15. I want Plex and Crashplan to run very soon, just need to solve this first. But you might be right that its easiest to deal with the issues one at the time. A problem is though that I can not delete the appdata folder, the files in there that plex have made gives me an error on my mac every time i try to delete them. My guess is its because the owner of the files is a user name I dont know that plex have created and has now dissapeared as I deleted docker and plex with it...